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EIU MBA Online

Schedule of Course Offerings

The MBA program at EIU is 33 credit hours; 11 courses of 3 credit hours each. 

At least two MBA classes will be offered each semester in 8-week (Fall and Spring) and 5- or 6-week (Summer) consecutive sessions.  The planned rotation below will be adapted to fit the needs of students in the program to maintain a continuous 6-semester degree plan.  If candidates should "stop out" and not follow the exact rotation available, courses may not be available in the rotation for up to one year. Typically course offerings are accurate for the current and following semester based on current enrollment and student needs, and tentatively schedule for the semester that follows.   

Currently Planned Rotation of MBA Online Courses


Spring 2024:

First Session Jan. 8 - Feb. 29:  

  • MBA 5000A Strategic Management, Ayse Costello
  • MBA 5640A Financial Management, Ingyu Chiou
  • MBA 5660A Operations Management, Larry R. White
  • MBA 5680A Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics, Mark Bayer

Second Session Mar. 1 - May 3  

  • MBA 5900A Management Simulation, Candra Chahyadi


Summer 2024:

First Session: 4 Weeks  May 13- June 7: 

  • MBA 59000A Management Simulation, David Boggs
  • MBA 5670A Management of Informational Technologies, Dr. Nan (Tina) Wang

First Session: 5 Weeks May 19 - June 20:  

  • MBA 5550A Marketing Management, Farhad Sadeh
  • MBA 5660A Operations Management, Larry White

First Session: 8 Weeks May 28 - July 19

  • MBA 5500A Quantitative Modeling, Willems
  • MBA 5640A Financial Management, Candra Chahyadi

Second Session: 5 Weeks June 17 - July 19

  • MBA 5680A Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics, Mark Bayer

Second Session: 6 Weeks June 10 - July 19

  • MBA 5880A MBA Elective, Kozlowski
  • MBA 5010A Accounting from a Management Perspective, Stu Sallehu

Other online MBA class options may be available for students with select situations. Contact the MBA Coordinator at if you have questions about other class options.

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