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EIU Department of Payroll

Graduate Assistants


Graduate assistants are paid on a monthly basis and students are paid bi-weekly. The pay period for graduate students is the first of the month through the 31st (or last) day of the month. Pay dates for students are listed at the student pay schedules. Student rosters are used to record time worked or payments made to student workers and graduate assistants.

In order to pay a student worker, a contract needs to be in the computer system by the ninth day of the month. The Graduate School (217-581-7490) handles the contracts for graduate assistants. Rosters are then printed and sent, on the 10th day of the month, to each department having student contracts for that month.


The department completes the roster with hours worked/pay earned through the 15th day of the month. Hours worked by each student are entered on the line provided under the column heading "EMP. HOURS/AMT". If a student has worked overtime, the hours are extended by multiplying the overtime hours by 1.5 and adding this to the regular hours worked. To end a student contract, enter an "F" in the column marked ST. Graduate students are paid a flat dollar amount each month. Verify that this amount is correct. If a regular student worker is being paid a flat dollar amount, verify the amount being paid and enter this amount on the EMP HOURS/AMT line.

Once all hours and amounts earned are entered on the roster, they should be added together and the total entered on the line next to the DEPT. TOTALS. The fiscal agent or one of his designees must sign the completed roster. The original and one copy of the roster must be returned to the Student Payroll Office by the due date noted at the top of the roster. The department should keep a copy of the roster for their records.

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