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EIU Department of History

Public History Minor


A minor in Public History will prepare you to work in a range of professional settings:

  • Museums
  • Archives
  • National Parks
  • Historic Sites

You’ll find public historians in many roles, including digital media, documentary filmmaking, genealogical services, corporate records, and much more. 

Minor Requirements        



The minor lays a valuable foundation for those interested in graduate work in Public History. Students from all majors are welcome.
Core courses offer both academic and practical training, and you can tailor your coursework to your professional interests by choosing from a wide range of interdisciplinary electives. The internship requirement offers students the opportunity for hands-on training for university credit. All it takes is 18 credit hours.

Public History Minor (18 hours)

Required Coursework: 12 hours (all courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted)

  • HIS 2500 - Historical Research and Writing (History majors take HIS 4900 - Historical Publishing)
  • HIS 3000 - Introduction to Public History
  • HIS 4285 - Public History Internship
  • HIS 4935 - Public History Practicum

Electives: 6 hours (all courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted)

  • HIS 4900 - Historical Publishing
  • HIS 4922 - Doing Media History
  • ENG 2760 - Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENG 3008 - Digital Writing and Multimodal Texts
  • CMN 2500 - Production I (Introduction to visual storytelling through video, television, and film)
  • DGT 1363 - Introduction to Graphics Technology
  • DGT 4813 - Web Development
  • DGT 4814 - Digital Media Strategies
  • GEO 3810 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • ODL 4700 - Leadership in Organizations
  • ODL 4765 - Grant Writing for Organizations
  • PLS 4793 - Civic and Nonprofit Leadership
  • PLS 4873 - Human Resource Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • PLS 4893 - Budgeting in Government and Non-Profit Organizations
  • BUS 2101 - Financial Accounting


Questions? Contact the Public History Minor Coordinator Dr. Camden Burd at



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