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EIU Department of Geology and Geography

Recent Geography Research

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Dr. Michael Cornebise

Publication:  2018, "The Pennsylvania Town in the 21st Century: A Socio-Economic Analysis of the Built Environment." Material Culture 50 (1): 47-73. (with Ola Johansson)

Publication: 2016, "The Pennsylvania Town 40 Years Later: Preservation and Planning in a Changing Townscape." Middle States Geographer 49: 43-54. (with Ola Jahannson)

Publication: 2016, "Latino Population Dynamics in Central Illinois." Illiniois Geographer 58(1):25-39.

Presentation: 2014, "Geographic Impacts of Amish-Themed Tourism in Central Illinois." Association of American Geographers Annual Conference.

Presentation: 2012, "Wilbur Zelinsky's Pennsylvania Town and Contemporary Urbanization: A Preliminary Investigation." Mid-Atlantic Division of the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. (with Ola Johannson)

Dr. Barry Kronenfeld

Presentation: 2016, "Southern Appalachian Region Presettlement Land Survey Record Tree Observations." ILGISA Annual Conference, Naperville, IL. (with Miles Dwiggins, student)

Publication: 2015, "Toward Democratization of Geographic Information: GIS, Remote Sensing, and GNSS Applications in Everyday Life." In: P. Thenkabail (ed.), Remote Sensing Handbook (Volume 1): Data Characterization, Classification, and AccuraciesCRC Press, 423-444. (with G. Sinha and JC Brunskill).

Publication: 2015, "Restricted Random Labeling: Testing for Between-Group Interaction After Controlling for Joint Population and Within-Group Spatial Structure." Journal of Geographical Systems 17(1):1-28. (with T.F. Leslie)

Publication: 2015, "A Classification Method for Choropleth Maps Incorporating Data Reliability Information." The Professional Geographer 67(1):72-83. (with M. Sun and D.W. Wong)

Presentation: 2016, "Implicit Visualization of Uncertainty on Health Maps Using Cartograms." American Association of Geographers Annual Conference.

Presentation: 2015, "Map Distortion by Design: Visualizing Human Population Dynamics with Cartograms." Illinois GIS Day, Champaign, IL.

Presentation: 2015, "Tweets and Turns: Python Scripting in an Educational Setting." Illinois GIS Association Annual Meeting, Springfield, IL. (with Greg Weber, student)

Dr. Christopher Laingen

Publication: 2017, "Human Drivers, Biophysical Changes, and the Climatic Variation Affecting Contemporary Cropping Proportions in the Northern Prairie of the U.S." Journal of Land Use Science DOI: 10.1080/1747423X.2017.1413433

Publication: 2017, "Creating a Dynamic Regional Model of the U.S. Corn Belt." International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research 8(4): 19-29.

Publication: 2016, "American Farms, American Food: A Geography of Agriculture and Food Production in the United States." Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. (with John C. Hudson)

Publication: 2015, "Measuring Cropland Change: A Cautionary Tale." Papers in Applied Geography 1(1):65-72.

Publication: 2015, "Having it Both Ways?: Land Use Change in a U.S. Midwestern Agricultural Ecoregion." The Professional Geographer 67(1):84-97. (with R.F. Auch)

Mentored-Presentation: 2016, "Comparing Raster-based and Survey-based Cropland Change in Illinois, 1999 to 2015." EIU Student Research and Creative Discovery Conference. (Alicia Waller, student) <CLICK HERE FOR PDF OF POSTER>

Presentation: 2016, "The Geography of Sorghum in the United States." American Association of Geographers Annual Conference.

Presentation: 2015, "The Agrarian Midwest: A Geographical Analysis." The Hauenstein Center Conference on The Midwest: Finding the Lost Region. (invited)

Dr. James Riley

Publication: 2015, "Influence of Junction Angle on Three-Dimensional Flow Structure and Bed Morphology at Confluent Meander Bends During Different Hydrological Conditions." Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 40:252-271. (with B.L. Rhoads, D.R. Parsons, and K.K. Johnson)

Publication: 2014, "Estimation of Regional Flow-Duration Curves for Illinois and Indiana." United States Geological Survey Investigations Report 2014-5177. (with T.M. Over, J.B. Sharpe, and D. Arvin)

Presentation: 2015, "Tracking Large Woody Debris in a Low-Energy Meandering River." Association of American Geographers Annual Conference. (with Jessica Intravaia, student) <CLICK HERE FOR PDF OF POSTER>

Presentation: 2015, "Patterns of Flow Structure and Bed Morphology at a Chute Cutoff Obstructed by Large Woody Debris." Association of American Geographers Annual Conference. (with Daniel Stadler, student) <CLICK HERE FOR PDF OF POSTER>

Dr. Betty Smith

Publication: 2015, "Chicago Wine Bars and Illinois Grape Production." Association of American Geographers Newsletter.

Publication: 2011, "Manufacturing in the United States: A Focus on State and Regional Work Stoppage." Bulletin of the Illinois Geographical Society 52(1):22-34.

Presentation: 2015, "Geodemographic Trends in the Heartland." Midwest Association for Latin American Studies Annual Conference.

Presentation: 2015, "The Concept of the Intermediary City." Association of American Geographers Annual Conference.

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