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EIU Department of Geology and Geography


Dr. Jake R Crandall


Frequently Taught Courses

GEO 1300 Introduction to Earth Science

GEO 2440 Mineralogy

GEO 3405 Petrology

GEO 3430 Structural Geology

GEO 3470 Seminar in Planetary Geology

GEO 3505 Volcanology


- Investigation of potential mineral resources on Mars: terrestrial impacts as analogs

- Magmatic intrusions into sulfur-rich sediments: an analog for the Martian crust

Selected Conference Presentations

J.R. Crandall (2011) Anatomy and Affinities of Large Archosauromorphs from the Lower Fremouw Formation (Early Triassic) of Antarctica. 71stAnnual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.

J.R. Crandall (2012) Vertebral Anatomy of Cryolophosaurus Ellioti, a Theropod Dinosaur from the Early Jurassic of Antarctica. Geological Society of America, 2012 North-Central Section Meeting, GSA Abstracts with Programs.

J.R. Crandall and J. Filiberto (2015) Potential Mineral Resources on Mars: Ore Processes and Mechanisms. The 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Abstract #1491.  

J.R. Crandall, S.L. Potter-McIntyre, S.P. Schwenzer, J. Filiberto (2017) Magmatic Intrusions into Sulfur-Rich Sediments on the Colorado Plateau: An Analog for Mars Exploration. The 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Abstract #1568.

J. Filiberto, J.R. Crandall, S.L. Potter-McIntyre, S.P. Schwenzer, K. Olsson-Francis, J.C. Bridges (2017) Magmatic Intrusions into Sulfur-Rich sediments: An Exposed Potential Subsurface Habitable Environment as an Analog for the Martian Crust. 2017 Astrobiology Science Conference Abstract #3095.

J.R. Crandall, J. Filiberto, S.L. Potter-McIntyre, S.P. Schwenzer (2018) Magmatic Intrusions into the Sulfur-Rich Carmel Formation on the Colorado Plateau, USA: Implications for the Mars 2020 Mission. The 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Abstract #2220. 

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