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EIU Office of General Counsel

Freedom of Information Act

 FOIA Requests 2013


 Type of Records Sought       
Approved in Part
 13-1  Koop, Chacour DEN  Employee salaries  Request  Approved
 13-2  Aiken, Eric  Copy of contract with IPHEC  Request  Approved
 13-3  Koop, Chacour DEN  Connexions Media Group contract  Request  Approved
 13-4  Abrams, BJ  Player statistics  Request  Approved
 13-5  Ogunbodede, Nike DEN  University Board contract for Phillip Phillips  Request  no record
 13-6  USA Today  Athletics documents  Request  Approved
 13-7  Salter, Erin  Graduate Programs  Request  App. part
 13-8  Kraft, John  employment policy; employee app/resume  Request  App. part
 13-9  Ray, Susan  EIU Civil Rights file  Request  Denied
 13-10  Cohen, Kevin  2011-12 NCAA Financial Report, contracts  Request  Approved
 13-11  Rodriguez, Maria  FA2012 grades distribution  Request  Approved
 13-12  Ogunbodede, Nike DEN  Crime statistics  Request  Approved
 13-13  Ives, Richard  Police report  Request  Denied
 13-14  Koop, Chacour DEN  Retirement information for faculty and staff  Request  Approved
 13-15  Dinardo, Nick  Student list  Request  Approved
 13-16  Chowdry, Asok  Student record  Request  Referred
 13-17  Thompson, Luke  Salaries of coaches  Request  Approved
 13-18  Ogunbodede, Nike DEN  Phillip Phillips contract  Request  Approved
 13-19  Galuski, Bob DEN  Phillip Phillips contract  Request  Approved
 13-20  ESPN  Student record  Request  Denied
 13-21  Heinz, Katie  Salaries  Request  Approved
 13-22  Thruman, Misty  Student records  Request  Denied
 13-23  Bergen, Sean  Student record  Request  Approved
 13-24  Chicago Tribune  Employment records  Request  Denied
 13-25  Lts. Lang, Harris, Hatfill  Wage scales  Request  No records
 13-26  Stephanie Zoz NCTQ  Commencement program  Request  Approved
 13-27  Student  UPD investigation request  Request  Approved
 13-28  Student  Civil Rights Investigation request  Request  No records
 13-29  Blair, Thomas  Faculty and Administrative pay increases  Request  Approved
 13-30  Prairie Rivers Network  Documents regarding coal suppliers and use  Request  Approved
 13-31  Lorton, Clint MWFFC  CENCERE Building documents  Request  Approved
 13-32  Student  Police report  Request  Approved
 13-33  Student  Police report  Request  Approved
 13-34  White, Zachary DEN  Pouring rights contract  Request  Approved
 13-35  EIU Faculty  NCATE Report  Request  Approved
 13-36  Scott McWilliams  WEIU financial information  Request  Approved
 13-37  Gilbert, Metzger, Madigan  Fire protection amount  Request  Approved
 13-38  Miner, Rob Sigma Alpha  Sophomore dean's list  Request  No records
 13-39  MyEdu  Grade distribution request  Request  Approved
 13-40  Ho, Tiffany  Athletic employees' contract and salary information  Request  Approved
 13-41  Centre College  NCAA Revenues and Expenses Survey  Request  Approved
 13-42  Mikulcik, Ben  CENCERE bldg. docs.  Request  Approved
 13-43  Acme Research  Contract information >$10,000  Request  Approved
 13-44  Xi Upsilon  Student information  Request  App. part
 13-45  Calcaterra, Steve  FOP CBA  Request  Approved
 13-46  Ill. News Network  Athletic employees' contract and salary information  Request  Approved
 13-47  Lanier, Valerie  Student information  Request  App. part
 13-48  Rick Dial  Construction documents  Request  Approved
 13-49  Luberda, Ed  Bid information  Request  Approved
 13-50  Cohen, Kevin  Athletics information  Request  Approved
 13-51  Ill. News Network  Athletics financial disc./funding  Request  Approved
 13-52  Bucciarelli, Ian  Canine medical research  Request  No records
 13-53  Aung, Bawk  Immunization compliance rates  Request  Approved
 13-54  Grant, Joseph SIU  Monthly discrimination complaint reports  Request  Approved
 13-55  Vaughann, Kevin FOX  Athletic concussion protocol  Request  Approved
 13-56  Regency Apartments  Campus enrollment totals for six years  Request  Approved
 13-57  Chavez, Bryant  Arrest records  Request  Approved
 13-58  Hoover, Neil  Human Resources emails  Request  Approved
 13-59  IL ARDC  Sexual harassment records for individual  Request  No records
 13-60  Gregory, Sara  Clery report documents  Request  App. part
 13-61  Schoonover, Christian  Panther Print and Copy records  Request  Approved
 13-62  Stanchack, Brian  Coach agreement  Request  Approved
 13-63  Henry, Ryan  Banking agreement  Request  Approved
 13-64  Kraft, John  EIU print shop documents  Request  Approved
 13-65  Robert, Michael  Student information  Request  App. part
 13-66  Downen, John DEN  Pouring rights agreement  Request  Approved
 13-67  Kraft, John  Panther Print and Copy invoices  Request  Approved
 13-68  Schoonover, Christian  Residence hall mailing addresses  Request  Approved
 13-69  NBC Chicago  Campus 911 calls  Request  Approved
 13-70  Cruikshank, Jack  Employee salary list  Request  Approved
 13-71  Logan Chiropractic  Student list  Request  App. part
 13-72  Ziek, Kathryn  Bid documents  Request  Approved
 13-73  Downen, John DEN  Civil Rights files  Request  Denied
 13-74  Downen, John DEN  Athletic department agreements  Request  Approved
 13-75  Newman, Justin  Logistics agreement  Request  Approved
 13-76  Cohen, Kevin  Athletics information  Request  Approved
 13-77  Morrison, David  Lobbying records  Request  Approved
 13-78  Associated Press  Athletic records  Request  App. part
 13-79  Cohen, Yoni  Athletic agreements  Request  Approved
 13-80  Roberts, Tyler  Athletic agreement  Request  Approved
 13-81  Adkins, Jeff  Emergency services agreement  Request  No records
 13-82  Robertson, Vince  Bid materials  Request  Approved

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