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Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction

All aspects of the MSED Curriculum and Instruction degree - including ESL and Reading certifications/endorsements - are entirely online.

The Simple Steps to Becoming EIU

Students may begin the M.S. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction in the Fall, Spring or Summer semester. The department accepts applications to these graduate programs throughout the year for full-time or part-time graduate study. Although many of the students enrolled in these programs are full-time practicing teachers who have chosen to pursue a degree or certificate program as part-time graduate students, we do offer graduate assistantships to qualified candidates who wish to pursue full-time graduate study.

Students awarded graduate assistantships to support full-time graduate study usually begin in the Fall semester and complete the graduate assistant orientation program. It is rare for the department to have the ability to offer assistantships beginning in the Spring semester. However, if assistantships are available beginning in the Spring, applicants will be considered. Please contact the graduate coordinator to inquire about the availability of assistantship opportunities.

Sign Up for MyEIU

Your MyEIU account is free and easy; all it takes is an email address to get started. Once you've logged into MyEIU, you can learn everything there is to know about Eastern and get information about everything the university has to offer — all tailored to your unique set of interests!

Apply to the Graduate School

All students can apply to the graduate school through MyEIU. The graduate school requires:

  1. A complete online application
  2. Your official transcripts
  3. A $30 application fee

Learn more about the Graduate School admissions process.

Apply to the Program

Once you’ve completed the Graduate School application in your MyEIU account, you will be notified to return to MyEIU to complete our program application. Requirements that you will need to complete the program application include:

  1. Provide contact information for two references. Preferably from professional sources, such as an immediate supervisor, principal and/or coworker.
  2. Upload a Statement of Experience and Goals. Please consider our mission statement and our programs as you explain how your past experience and future goals align with our program.
  3. Upload your License or Teaching Certificate. Please upload a .jpg or.pdf of your teaching license or your teaching certificate.
  4. Upload your resume.
  5. If you are interested in an assistantship, this application will be available to you within our program application. Please note that assistantship employment takes place on campus.

For International Applicants:

Do you have a teaching license in your home country? You’ll need one to be fully admitted to the program. If you don’t have a teaching license, we can admit you as a post-baccalaureate international student but you would need a course-by-course evaluation of transcripts done by a professional evaluation companies. This must be done before we can evaluate your transcript to determine what coursework is needed for teacher licensure. Here is a link to the information on the evaluation companies: These companies offer different types of evaluations, so the student must be sure to request the course-by-course evaluation.

For any questions about the program application process, please contact:
Daniel J. Carter, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator
Associate Professor

Keep an Eye on Your Admission Status

You'll be able to keep tabs on the status of your application through MyEIU; you'll receive a message when you have been officially admitted to EIU!

Apply for an Assistantship

If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, you also need to submit a graduate assistantship application.

Graduate assistantships are typically awarded in accordance with the academic year. Assistantship applications are normally accepted through the middle of February; a decision for the next academic year comes within a month. For more information about graduate assistantships, please click here.

We Are EIU!

Now you're ready for your first semester at Eastern! Welcome to the EIU family! We're glad to have you, and we're confident you'll be glad you came!

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Dr. Daniel Carter
MSED C&I Graduate Coordinator

2201 Buzzard
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920

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