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Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction

About the Program

Our program and our students excel in every meaningful and measurable way.

  1. Our cost efficiency is among the lowest tuition in the state Students love our low cost and that they don’t pay for textbooks! Students appreciate how cost effective we are compared to other Illinois public universities.
  2. Our academic excellence has earned national, state, and campus recognition through exceptional placement rates and National accreditation.
  3. Our ease of access enables students’ success in completion. Full time teachers who are part-time graduate students graduate in less than two to three years. Graduate assistantships are possible (

Programs and Areas of Study

The course of study consists of 36 semester hours of course credit with an applied-action research or thesis requirement. The program is designed to encompass three areas: basic courses in education (these courses provide a background in fundamental educational theory), specific requirements in an area of emphasis (15 hours minimum) and a research component. The research component includes either an action research project or thesis. Students may choose courses according to individual needs, teaching level and professional interests. Students select one of the following areas of emphasis within the program:

Curriculum Development

This general option may be selected for practicing teachers interested in choosing coursework that best fits their grade level, content area, and interests. The program is designed to meet the needs of practicing teachers who wish to take part in a planned program of study focusing on Curriculum and Instruction. Students will be challenged to link theory and practice as they develop the skills required for ethical and effective collaboration and communication within the local school community and a culturally diverse, technologically advanced global environment.

ESL Instruction

This program is designed for educators who hold a valid teaching license, have previous coursework/experience in reading and language arts methods and want to develop their professional knowledge and skills in regard to teaching English as a second language. Specific courses may be selected in this area that will lead to the English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher Endorsement in Illinois, including a graduate level practicum. The following course areas are addressed: Linguistics; Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL; Assessment of the Bilingual Student; Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL; and Cross-cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students.


Specific courses in reading may be selected that will lead to the Reading Teacher Endorsement in Illinois, including a graduate level practicum. Also addressed are foundations of reading, content area reading, assessment and diagnosis of reading problems, developmental reading methods and remedial reading instruction.


ESL Teacher Endorsement

Persons seeking an English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement through the State of Illinois must hold a valid professional Illinois teaching license. A total of 18 semester hours of course work distributed among the following course areas is required:

  • Linguistics;
  • Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL;
  • Assessment of the Bilingual Student;
  • Methods and Materials for teaching ESL; and
  • Cross-cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students.

ESL clinical experience equal to 100 clock hours or three months teaching experience with ESL students must be documented.

ESL Teacher Endorsement (Courses at EIU)

Reading Teacher Endorsement

Reading teachers are responsible for teaching reading to students and providing technical assistance or professional development. The endorsement can be obtained on an early childhood, elementary, secondary or special certificate. The general requirements include passing the reading teacher content area test and completing a minimum of 18 semester hours in reading, including a practicum, in the following six areas:

  • Foundations of reading
  • Content-area reading
  • Assessment and diagnosis of reading problems
  • Developmental and remedial reading instruction and support
  • Developmental and remedial materials and resources
  • Literature appropriate to students across all grade levels
NOTE: Reading teacher endorsements may be granted only within the grade range of the certificate held.

Reading Teacher Endorsement courses at EIU (pdf)

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Post-baccalaureate students seeking a teaching certificate through any of EIU's state approved certification programs must meet the full intent of the respective programs. All previous course work, either graduate or undergraduate, will be evaluated in terms of current requirements. This will include general education, a major, and the professional education requirements. To initiate the transcript evaluation process, contact Christy Hooser in the College of Education.

Christy Hooser, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, College of Education
Phone: 217-581-2524

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