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EIU Child Care Resource and Referral

For Families

What is CCAP:

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services and assists low-income parents with child care payments through 16 Resource & Referral agencies throughout the state.  CCR&R covers the counties of Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Edgar, Moultrie and Shelby.  If you have more questions, or need clarification, please call your local CCR&R.

Who is Eligible:

  • Illinois resident

  • Be employed and/or going to an eligible educational activity (ESL, high school equivalence, GED, vocational training, online classes or 2 and 4 year college degree programs)

  • Have family income below 225% of the most current Federal Poverty Level for their family size or use the Eligibility Calculator to see if you qualify

  • Have children younger than 13 that need care while you are working or going to school

A more complete explanation of CCAP eligibility can be found in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual

How to Apply:

You can download and print the application by clicking below:
CCAP Application (English)

CCAP Application (Spanish)

You may also request an application via email or call us at 217-581-7081 or 1-800-643-1026 (toll free)

Applications can submitted by mail, email ( or utilize or drop box outside of our office.

It is important that you submit your child care application as soon as possible. Your application can be backdated a maximum of seven days from the date it is received at the Child Care Resource and Referral agency.

Choosing a Child Care Provider:

Visit Finding Quality Child Care to learn about how CCR&R can help you find a provider who fits your family’s needs. 

Your Provider:

  • Can be licensed OR
  • Licensed-exempt (not legally required to be licensed but is required to complete license-exempt trainings)
  • Can be a child care center or a home
  • Can be a relative, friend or neighbor
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • May not be the parent or step parent of the children
  • May not be on the same TANF cash assistance grant as you and your children if you are receiving these benefits
  • Authorize and submit to all required background checks

Application Process:

Families of limited income that work or attend school or vocational training may be eligible for help with the cost of child care. Your CCR&R will either “approve” or “deny” your application based on the information you give them. Information is verified using various state databases. If conflicting information is found, or there is information missing, the CCR&R will send you a Request for Additional Information Form. You must submit the needed information within 10 business days of the request or your application will be denied.

Your Approval Letter:

Once you have been approved for child care assistance, both you and your provider will receive an approval letter. This letter contains important information including:

  • Length of time you are eligible for the program;
  • Amount of your monthly co-payment (your share of the cost of child care);  
  • Children who are eligible for the program;
  • Number of days per week that IDHS will pay for child care;
  • Daily rate at which your provider will be paid.

The Approval Period:

You are responsible for paying for any child care provided before the start date listed on your approval letter. Your approval letter will list the first and last date that you are eligible for assistance.

Before your approval period ends, you will have to renew your child care case in order to continue receiving assistance. You will do this by filling out a “Redetermination” form. This form will be mailed to you in the month before your eligibility period ends.

Unless you are otherwise notified, your provider’s final payment will be for the last month of the eligibility period. If you are in your last month of eligibility and have not received your Redetermination form, please contact us at the number listed on the back of this guide to prevent your case from being canceled.

Monthly Co-Payments:

What is a monthly co-payment? 

Your monthly “co-payment” is the portion of your child care costs you must pay your provider each month. Make sure that you read each approval letter carefully—the co-payment amount can change. By paying a monthly co-payment, you are contributing toward your child’s quality child care.

How are co-payment amounts determined?  

The amount of your monthly co-payment is determined by IDHS and may vary from parent to parent. Monthly co-payments are based on income, family size, and the schedule of your children in care.

How Your Child Care Provider Gets Paid:

How much will my provider be paid?

Payments or “rates” are determined by IDHS based on the type of care provided (child care center, licensed home provider or license-exempt provider) and the age of your child. The rate is also based on the number of hours your child is in care:

How many days a week will my provider be paid?

Your approval letter will list the maximum number of days per week your provider can be paid for child care. Your provider may bill the state ONLY for child care provided while you are at work; in an approved school or training program; and traveling to and from the child care provider to work or school. The number of approved days is based on the work or school schedule and check stubs that you submit with your child care program application.

When will my provider receive their first payment?

It can take 4 to 8 weeks for your provider to receive the first payment. After your provider receives the first payment, regular payments will arrive on a monthly basis. 

Family's Rights and Resonsibilities

As a participant in the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program, you have specific rights and responsibilities. It is important that you read and understand your rights and responsibilities, as any misunderstanding could affect your child’s care. For a list of your rights and responsibilities, please visit the Child Care Assistance Program Policy Manual or if you have any questions, please call your local CCR&R.

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