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With a history of over 100 years in the making, Eastern Illinois University’s Housing and Dining Services has evolved tremendously, from President Livingston Lord’s original vision of housing female students on campus to an always changing department that has been a leader in residential living since its conception. The opening of Pemberton Hall (1908), the first female residence hall in the state of Illinois, established the beginning of Housing and Dining Services.

Throughout the years, Housing and Dining Services has expanded, and so has the professional staff member’s role within each community.  Originally known as Residence Hall Counselors, today Complex Directors, focus their energy on ensuring each resident’s holistic development, both as a student and as an individual.

In the early 1980’s, the Housing and Dining Department saw the opportunity to develop a graduate student experience for individuals interested in the field of Housing and Residence Life, creating the Associate Resident Director position.

Today Complex Directors and Associate Resident Directors work together to offer unparalleled services and support to students residing on campus.

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