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This international history honor society encourages history writing through its journal, awards, and history conferences.


About Phil Alpha Theta
About Epsilon Mu
Recent Initiates

About Phi Alpha Theta

  • Established March 17, 1921, at the University of Arkansas
  • Charter Member of Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS)
  • 839 active chapters and 275,000 members
  • 12,500 member and over 1,000 library subscribers to The Historian (quarterly journal)
  • 2,500 subscribers to The News Letter (published three times annually)
  • 9,300 initiates (average annually)
  • 35 regional meetings nationwide each spring
  • Over 25 scholarships and prizes awarded annually (paper prizes, book awards, manuscript award, best chapter awards, student history journal awards, world history award, etc.)
  • Membership qualifications (undergraduate)
    • At least 3.1 minimum GPA in 12 or more credit hours of history
    • At least 3.0 minimum overall GPA
    • When class rank is available, should be in upper 35% of class
    • Not necessary to be history major
    • (Graduate students and faculty members have separate requirements)

About Epsilon Mu (Eastern Illinois University's chapter of Phi Alpha Theta)

  • Formed in 1957
  • Has sponsored Lower Illinois regional history conferences in 1993, 2002, and 2006
  • Has been well-represented by both undergraduate and graduate students reading papers every year since 1990. And Eastern's students have invariably earned recognition and cash/book awards at each conference. A 10-page or longer course research paper can be fairly easily shortened to make a 20-minute conference paper. Plan to submit one.
  • Has won "best student journal" for our student journal, Historia, in a nation-wide competition sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honors society several times. Historia so far has proudly shared Phi Alpha Theta's Gerald D. Nash History Journal Prize in Division I (large departments): 1999, 2001, and 2002
  • Has won "Best Chapter" commendation, 1996
  • To join Epsilon Mu, future conferences, or journal activity, contact advisor, Dr. Michael Shirley
Phi Alpha Theta Initiates, 2014-2015

Richard Borzi
Nathanael Clapp
Mary Ashley Dotson
Andrew Dougherty
Daniel Eppel
Caleb Gurujal
Laura Horvat
Kevin Lux
Clara Mattheessen
Zachery Morlock
Michael Olson
Hailey Perry
Heather Sitkie
Katie St. John
Cayla Wagner
Nicholas Waller
Derrick Zerrusen

Phi Alpha Theta Initiates, 2013-2014
Breeahnah Babers, John Bays, Michael Bradley, Rebecca Braundmeier, Brendon Charles, Taylor Coffman, Andrew Daily, Bethany Haywood, Megan Kessler, Kody Kidwell, Jay Lawler, Jr., Cate LiaBraaten, Emily McInerney, Jacob Meyerhoff, Joseph Mickelson, Ryan Repking, Michael Rosenbaum, Rachael Sapp, Jessica Schluter, Ethan Shimer, Quentin Spannagel, James Willaert

Phi Alpha Theta Initiates, 2012-2013
James Bishop, Molly Button, Paul Conlon, Rachael Follmer, Tiffany Hostettler, Mark Michaels, Emily Scarbrough, Christopher Schilling, Mark Stanford, Danielle Swindel, Stephanie Templin, Taylor Yangas