Welcome to the Physics Department!


Physics professors use projectors, demonstrations, interactive techniques, and even the blackboard to get their point across to the students. This is a part of an introductory Physics lecture on Kirchhoff’s Rules. (Photo by Jay Grabiec)


The Eastern Illinois University Physics Department is located in the Physical Sciences Building on Fourth Street in Charleston, Ill. The department has nine faculty members who teach and carry out research in the fields ofAstrophysics, Acoustics, Physics Education, Computational Physics, and Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics.

About 45 undergraduate Physics majors and 45 Pre-Engineering students make up our department's student body. The department encourages collaborations with other colleges and universities, industries, and other entities. Eastern Illinois University started out as a state teachers college, so the roots of the department are based in a culture of excellence in teaching with the emphasis on student learning.

The richness of educational opportunities offered in the department is based upon a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research. EIU graduates have gone on to make extraordinary contributions to science as researchers, teachers and intellectual leaders in a variety of fields.


Observatory Open House

(map to the Observatory)


The EIU Observatory is open on the last Friday of every month at 8:00 p.m.


Physics Spotlight


In Honor of P Scott Smith





Letter From the Chair

Dr. Steven Daniels