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Science with Teacher Education: Physics Specialization

You enjoy the physical world around you. You are pretty good at math and like that it applies to something in the world. You like to gain understanding about phenomena like how electricity works, how the steam engine works, or why the sky is blue. But you are a people person who likes to help others to understand these types of things. Then you might like to go into Physics teaching.

The Teacher Certification with Physics Specialization option will prepare you for a teaching career in high schools. You will take courses in general Physics, Electronics and Optics. You will get a broader background in all of the sciences so that you will be qualified to teach any high school science class.

Demand for Physics teachers remains high in the schools. For the past several years there has been a shortage of qualified Physics teachers at that level. EIU has an excellent record of employment for graduates of this program.

For more information, contact Dr. Don Pakey.