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Are you the type of person who always had to tinker with things?  Were you the person who always had ideas for improving or inventing something?  Did you take things apart to find out how they run?  Are you practical and well directed in your efforts?  Then you might be the type of person who should try our Engineering Physics concentration. 

The Engineering Physics concentration is a 3-2 program.  You will complete 3 years at EIU and then 2 years at the University of Illinois.  At the completion of this you will receive a BS in Engineering from U of I and also a BS in Physics Engineering from EIU.  The Engineering degree tells employers that you have completed one of the best programs in the country for Engineering.  It says that you know the basics of your field and are ready for the workforce.  The Physics Engineering degree from EIU tells employers that you are able to think critically and analyze problems.  You are a problem solver who knows about the physical principles related to a system.  You can understand both the theory and the practice of a complex system.  You are a powerful force in the workplace. 

For more information, contact Dr. Doug Brandt.