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Information You Need Prior to Move-In:

Utilities: The University does not provide electricity. Please contact Ameren at (800) 755-5000 to initiate service. Ameren will ask for 1) your address 2) your Social Security number and 3) your state id number or Driver's License number. Residents are responsible for notification for disconnection of electricity prior to the time of checkout. Water overages exceeding $35 usage per month will be charged to your student account.

Mailing Address: For mailing address please click here

Information You Need After Move In:

Laundry FacilitiesPanther Card Chip automatic washer and dryers are furnished in the laundry rooms located in each buildings and are for the use of university court residents.

No pets allowed! If it has fur, feathers, or does not live underwater, it is not allowed. However, fish are welcome.

Co-habitation is not allowed.

Lighted candles, other combustibles, paper posters on doors, fish nets, crepe paper on walls, and live Christmas trees are prohibited. Setting fire to any material, candles, oil lamps or other open flames elements, incense or quantities of flammable liquids are not allowed in University Court. This is for your protection and to decrease the chance of fire.

Alcohol: All University Alcohol Policies apply to U-Court. If you are underage 21, NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED. If you are over age 21, you are allowed to have beer and wine in your apartment. NO HARD ALCOHOL is allowed on University property.

When entertaining guests, each apartment can have no more then 14 people (including residents) at one time.