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Regular Graduate Faculty Membership Policy

Members of the graduate faculty are so designated because the specialized content of courses in advanced programs requires faculty with a high degree of specialization and competence as evidenced by their formal academic preparation and by their commitment to scholarship, research and professional practice.

The graduate faculty is responsible for the development, execution, and review of graduate programs, and through its representatives on the Council on Graduate Studies, recommends policy on all graduate matters to the university administration. The graduate faculty shall include the:

  • President of the university.
  • Vice president for academic affairs.
  • Associate vice president for academic affairs.
  • Dean of The Graduate School.
  • Deans of the colleges.
  • Chairs of departments offering graduate programs.

All other faculty must be appointed as outlined below.


To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must:

  1. Hold the rank of assistant professor or above in a tenured/tenure track appointment.
  2. Exhibit continued professional research or creative activity in his/her specialization.
  3. Hold a terminal degree in the field of assignment (as described in the graduate faculty guidelines).

In lieu of requirement No. 3, a candidate may document exceptional expertise at a level of regional acclaim generally recognized in the field appropriate to his or her assignment and in direct relationship to the specific course(s) to be taught.


The department graduate committee or coordinator and department chair nominate faculty who meet the eligibility requirements for regular graduate faculty membership to the college dean and Graduate School dean.


The graduate dean has the responsibility for appointment of graduate faculty members.


Following the same procedure as for initial appointment, members of the graduate faculty must be reappointed every five years. Inability to demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or continued professional research or creative activity, or conduct or practice not consistent with acceptable professional standards, is sufficient reason for denying reappointment to the graduate faculty.

Length of Appointment

Graduate faculty appointed under the exceptional expertise clause — in lieu of eligibility requirement No. 3 — must be reviewed and reappointed on an annual basis. All other graduate faculty members serve five year terms.


Regular graduate faculty members are approved to perform the following duties:

  • Teach graduate courses.
  • Serve as an advisor to a graduate degree-seeking student.
  • Serve as a member of a committee for a graduate student.
  • Serve on university-level graduate committees, including serving on or voting for the members of the Council on Graduate Studies.