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Save time and money!

Earn credit toward your graduate degree while still an undergraduate!


EIU undergraduate students with at least 60 hours of undergraduate credit and a 3.25 GPA can apply to an accelerated graduate program. An accelerated graduate program allows you to start taking your graduate coursework as an undergraduate and then count it both for your undergraduate degree and your graduate degree, saving you time and money. An accelerated program can save you a semester of work and tuition dollars.

These graduate programs offer an accelerated program with 9 shared courses:

Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Master of Arts in Economics
Master of Arts in English
Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences
Professional Science Master's in Geographic Information Sciences
Master of Arts in History
Master of Arts Political Science
Master of Science in Technology

Contact the Graduate School with questions about Accelerated Graduate Programs! graduate@eiu.edu or 217-581-2220

Ready to apply? The graduate program will have specific admission criteria and requirements, please contact the graduate coordinator of the program for detailed information. Start the application process here.

Accepted? Please complete this shared course request form with assistance from the program's graduate coordinator.