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Textbook Rental Service

Important information for Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students

Textbook Rental Service is a service that provides textbooks to all students enrolled at Eastern Illinois University. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current textbook rental fee?

The current textbook rental fee is $9.75 per credit hour and is included with all other university fees.  This is a minimal fee compared to other institutions that require students to purchase textbooks.  Renting textbooks saves EIU students hundreds of dollars each semester.

How important is the use of my EIU email account? It is extremely important for all students to utilize their EIU email account.  This is the primary communication tool for our department to notify students of important information such as instructions for the timely return of textbooks from dropped or withdrawn courses, consequences of the late return of textbooks, reminders of textbook sale dates and end of semester deadlines, and all information regarding charges and billing for damaged textbooks.
What should I bring when I come to get my textbooks?  With the Self-Service System, you will need an Eastern Illinois University issued Panther Card and a copy of your textbook pick-up information from PAWS to help expedite the textbook distribution process.
As rental property, how do I care for my textbooks?

Be sure to protect your textbooks at all times.  We recommend a waterproof book bag/backpack or another type of protective method for transporting your textbooks to and from our facility.  Keep them away from food, drink, and all other potentially damaging situations, including protecting your textbooks from weather-related conditions.  In addition, students will be required to pay full list price, plus tax, for any textbooks that have been lost, written in, highlighted or underlined, have any visible signs of liquid damage of any type, have been subjected to unusual wear, or have RFID tags that have been removed or damaged in any way, plus any associated late fines. 

What should I do if I notice a textbook that I am checking out is damaged? You should immediately contact a Textbook Rental Service staff member as soon as you notice the damage.  If you notice the damage after you leave our facility, please contact our office at 217-581-3626 or by email at to report any textbook damage.  Waiting to report damage until later in the semester may result in charges.
Is it possible to purchase a textbook? Each semester there is a designated sales period during which you can purchase textbooks that are currently checked out to you at a discounted price, if applicable.  Textbooks are depreciated with use and these savings are passed along to our students.  By purchasing textbooks during the sales periods, students can receive the lowest prices and this allows ample time for the ordering of replacements.  This is truly the best of both worlds.  Rent your textbooks, evaluate their benefit, purchase those that will be a part of your permanent library, and return all others by the designated deadline.
How can I pay for textbooks issued to me that I want to purchase? We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks (payable to Eastern Illinois University), cash, or students may authorize us to bill their individual student account for their textbook purchase.
How do I verify which textbooks are checked out to me?

With the Self-Service System, students will be able to verify their textbooks instantly.  After checking out your textbooks, you will receive a receipt.  This information can be accessed through the PAWS system by choosing the Textbook Rental heading under the Student tab.  In addition, students can use this information to determine and identify textbooks for each class.

What should I do with textbooks for a course I have dropped or withdrawn?

Please return all textbooks from dropped and/or withdrawn courses within two business days of the drop/withdrawal to avoid charges including the price of the textbook(s), a $20 per book late fine, and a $20 per book non-refundable processing fee.  The timely return of these textbooks results in adequate quantities for those students who have added courses.

What should I do with textbooks if I withdraw from the University? Please return all your textbooks immediately to avoid being charged for textbooks and late fines.
What is the Textbook Rental Service return policy?

Textbooks can be returned at any time during the semester/term, prior to the return deadline, with no penalty, with the exception of those associated with dropped or withdrawn courses.  The textbook return deadline is established each semester/term and can be found on our websiteEIU's academic calendarPAWS,and automated email notifications sent to EIU email accounts from Textbook Rental Service.

Late fines in the amount of $20 per book, will be posted to individual student accounts immediately following the established semester/term return deadline.  Late fines are non-refundable.  Late textbooks will only be accepted during the five-day grace period, immediately following the return deadline.  All textbooks returned after the established return deadline and during the five-day grace period will be subject to a $20 per book late fine.  After the five-day grace period deadline, no textbooks will be accepted and all late textbook charges will be posted to the associated student account, in addition to the previously posted $20 per book late fine charges.  There will be no refunds.

What happens if my textbook is accompanied by software such as a CD, DVD, etc.?

If your textbook is accompanied by software, such as a CD, DVD, etc., these must be returned in satisfactory condition with the textbook, by the designated return deadlines.  If the CD's, DVD's, etc. are damaged or lost, students will be required to pay full list price, plus tax, for the associated textbook plus any associated late fines.

Textbook Rental Service Extended Hours and Important Dates

Fall 2023 Information


Contact Us and Mailing Address

Eastern Illinois University
Textbook Rental Service
Louis M. Grado Building
975 Edgar Drive
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-3626
Fax: (217) 581-3590

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Monday through Thursday
8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Friday 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M