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EIU Telecommunications Office

EIU Telecommunications office offers a wide variety of line features that provide convenience and efficiency for our staff and faculty members. Common options utilized in campus offices include:

  • Transfer/3 Way
  • Call Forwarding
  • Intercom
  • Message Waiting
  • Last Number Redial
  • Auto Dialing
  • Conference Calling/Conference 6
  • Call Pickup
  • Ring Again
  • Make Busy

How to use Call Features

Instructions vary according to the type of phone that is being used. On our campus, you will have either a single line set or a multi-line business set. Instructions for both sets can be viewed on-line and printed for your convenience by clicking the preceding hyperlinks.

Features must be programmed on your line before they are operational. To have a feature added to your service, a Service Request must be completed and returned to Telecommunications. The feature will be activated on your phone within ten working days.

Transfer/3 Way

You can send a call to another telephone by using Transfer. You have the option of remaining on the line ( warm transfer) or simply direct the call to another phone without introduction (cold transfer).

Call Forwarding

Allows you to redirect your calls to either your voice mail box or another telephone. This is a convenient feature when you will be away from you desk for an extended period of time.


The intercom feature is programmed by the Telecom customer service. Intercom groups are established within individual offices or departments. Each individual is assigned a group of numbers unique to their phone.

Message Waiting

A message waiting indicator can be in the form of a stutter dial tone or a light indicator. The indicator is activated when a new voice mail message arrives in your voice mail box.

Last Number Redial

This feature allows you to easily redial the last number you called on a line.

Auto Dialing

The auto dialing feature is used to program feature keys on your set or feature codes to activate rapid dialing of frequently called numbers. 

Conference Calling/Conference 6

You can establish a group conference call with up to a total of three participants. If the capability to add more participants is needed, the Conference 6 feature can be programmed to your business set. This feature is useful when a common meeting place is not available.

Call Pickup

Phones in your department may be programmed into a "Call Pickup Group". Call pickup will let you answer a call ringing at any telephone in your pickup group.

Ring Again

The Ring Again feature alerts you when a busy telephone line becomes free. Use the Ring Again key to automatically redial the free number. Ring Again can be used only with on-campus numbers.

Make Busy

Your telephone can be made to appear busy to all callers except those using the intercom. This feature can be used when you are in a meeting or busy with paperwork and don't want to be disturbed.


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Telecommunications Office

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Student Services Building
Eastern Illinois University
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