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EIU Telecommunications Office

Features on a Multi-Line Set

Calling features are easy to use, convenient and help us utilize our time efficiently in the office. Procedures to activating these features on a multi-line set are unique. The following guide will help you use these features on your multi-line set.

Auto Dial To Program
  1. Press Auto Dial
  2. Dial the number you wish to store.
  3. Press Auto Dial
To Use
  1. Lift handset
  2. Press Auto Dial Key
Call Pickup Key To Respond
  1. Lift handset.
  2. Press Call Pickup key.
Call Pick-up Code To Respond
  1. Lift handset. .
  2. Dial *76 . .a
  3. Answer call. Y

You may wish to store *76 on a memory key

Call Forward To Activate
  1. Press Call Forward . . . (The indicator beside the Call Forward key will flash.). . .
  2. Dial the ext or number you wish to forward your calls to . . .(7 digit number for a 581#, 10 digit number for a local number, and 1 + 10 digits for a long distance number).  This excludes Pin Restricted phones; campus and local; forward to a  7 digit number only.  Can not forward a pin restricted phone to a long distance number. 
  3. Press Call Forward (light will come on and stay on)

When transferring your calls to voice mail, be sure to program the complete call pattern to voice mail (581-0400, auto attendant users will forward to 217-348-0400)

After the number is programmed into set, to activate Call Forward, press key twice.

To Cancel
  1. Press Call Forward key once. The indicator beside the Call Forward key will no longer appear.
Conference 6 To Activate
  1. Establish conversation
  2. Press Conf 6
  3. Dial the number
  4. Press Conf 6 (this is now a 3-way conference)
  5. Press Conf 6.
  6. Dial next number
  7. Repeat sequence until 5 parties have been added.
  8. Hang up when conference is completed.
Intercom To Use
  1. Lift handset
  2. Press Intercom
  3. Dial 1 or 2-digit code of person you wish to call.
To Answer
  1. Lift handset when line begins to ring
  2. Press Intercom
  3. Answer call.
Last Number Redial To Use
  1. Lift handset
  2. Press ##
Message Waiting To Use
  1. Lift handset..
  2. Press Message key..
  3. wait for system to answer then Enter your password.

(This light will come on when you have a message waiting and will stay on until all new messages are retrieved.)

Ring Again(campus calls only)


To Activate
  1. Make a call.
  2. If the line is busy, press Ring Again.
  3. Press Release. (When the line you called becomes free, you will hear a confirmation tone from your speaker phone and the Ring Again indicator will flash.
  4. Lift the Handset.
  5. Press Ring Again to automatically redial the number.
Speed Call (Group List) To Program
  1. Lift handset . . . Dial [*75] (hear special tone)
  2. Dial the 2-digit access code (00-49)
  3. Dial number to be stored
  4. Press [#] . . . hang up (50 numbers can be stored)

Note: One designated programmer per department.

To Use
  1. Lift handset . . . Dial [* + the two digit code] of the number you wish to call.
Transfer / 3-Way To Use Establish Conversation
  1. Press Transfer key. (hear special tone)
  2. Dial the number of the person to whom you are transferring the call
  3. When you hear ring back, you may stay on the line and speak privately before transferring the call or . . .
  4. Press Release to transfer the call.
  5. To establish a 3-way conference call. Press Transfer a second time.
  6. Press Release to disconnect yourself from the call.
  • If the party you are transferring to does not answer and you have already pressed Release, the call will ring back to you after 4 rings (unless they have voice mail).
  • Or , if you've stayed on the line and it's busy or doesn't answer, press Transfer twice to retrieve the caller and cancel the option.

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