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EIU Department of Philosophy

Religious Studies Minor

It is undeniable that religion is one of the major forces shaping human history and civilization. The Religious Studies minor offers students an opportunity to explore this significant area of human culture from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective.

This minor draws upon six disciplines to address religious issues from varying perspectives. The program makes substantial contributions to the intellectual development of students and contributes to the university's mission of expanding tolerance of diversity and helping students become responsible citizens in a world marked by increasing global and international connections.

The Religious Studies minor is particularly relevant for students interested in international studies in Political Science and Economics, majors in History, English, and Philosophy, and for those considering seminary after graduation. Double-counting of coursework in concert with students' majors and other minors is permitted by the minor in Religious Studies. Courses in the proposed curriculum either have no prerequisites or may be entered by permission of the instructor, except ENG courses which required ENG 1001G and/or 1002G or equivalent.

Total Semester Hours: 18

  • Required Courses (6 Semester Hours) 
Course No. Course Name
RLS 1200G
RLS 1290G
Introduction to Religious Studies
Introduction to Religious Studies, Honors
PHI 3600 Philosophy of Religion 
  • Elective Courses (12 Semester Hours from two or more disciplines) 
Course No. Course Name
ANT 3696 Magic and Religion in Preliterate Societies
CMN 3240 Religion in the American Public Sphere
ENG 2603 Greek and Roman Mythology
ENG 3009G/3099G Myth and Culture
ENG 3100G Cultural Foundations I
ENG 3110G Cultural Foundations II
ENG 3600 The Bible as Literature
HIS 1500G/1590G Roots of the Modern World: Society and Religion
HIS 3175 History of Christianity
HIS 3200 Islam
HIS 3700G/3790G Turning Points in the History of Religion and Science
HIS 4785 Crusade and Jihad: Religious Violence in the Islamo-Christian Tradition
PHI 2010 Eastern Philosophies
PHI 3100G Cultural Foundations I
PHI 3110G Cultural Foundations II
PHI 3220 Medieval Philosophy
PHI 3310 Indian Philosophy
PHI 3320 Chinese Philosophy
PHI 3680 Buddhism
RLS 3900 Special Topics in Religious Studies

 In addition, courses such as ANT 3960, ENG 3604, PHI 3980, HIS 4775, and other "special topics" or similar courses with variable content may be counted towards fulfilling the elective requirement for the minor with approval by the Chair of the Religious Studies Minor committee.

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