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EIU Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Major

The Philosophy Major requires a total of 13 courses (at 3 hours each) for a total of 39 credit hours that meet the following distribution requirements. Given the flexibility of the Philosophy Major it is certainly possible to combine this major with another. Here is a sample four-year plan (Word Doc). The Philosophy Minor requires only 18 hours and can easily be combined with any major or minor.

Philosophy Core
(All Required Classes)
PHI 1900G Logical and Critical Reasoning
PHI 2000 Ancient Philosophy
PHI 3260 Modern Philosophy
PHI 3900 Symbolic Logic
PHI 4480 Philosophy Seminar


General Education
(Pick at least 1 Course)
PHI 1000G Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 2500G Introduction to Ethics
PHI 3050G Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 3100G Cultural Foundations I
PHI 3110G Cultural Foundations II
PHI 3700G Language and Human Nature
RLS 1200G Introduction to Religious Studies


Value Component
(Pick at least 1 Course)
Eastern Philosophy Component
(Pick at least 1 Course)
PHI 3020 Ethics PHI 2010 Eastern Philosophy
PHI 3030 Science and Human Values PHI 3310 Chinese Philosophy
PHI 3040 Philosophy of Art PHI 3320 Indian Philosophy
PHI 3050G Social and Political Philosophy PHI 3680 Buddhism
PHI 3070 Philosophy of Law    


Metaphysics Component
(Pick at least 1 Course)
Theory of Knowledge Component (Pick at least 1 Course)
PHI 3500 Metaphysics PHI 3700G Language and Human Nature
PHI 3540 Philosophy of Mind PHI 3720 Theory of Knowledge
PHI 3520 Necessity, Possibility and Existence PHI 3780 Philosophy of Science


Philosophy Electives
Pick at least three additional Philosophy courses
3 Electives + Above Requirements = 39 Semester Hours


Note: Philosophy 3980 (Special Topics) and 4400 (Independent Study) may count in satisfaction of any of the above components with permission of the department chair and may be repeated once.

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Philosophy Department

3542 Coleman Hall
Eastern Illinois University
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Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-3012

Chair: Jonelle DePetro

Office Manager: Leslie Ashley

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