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Safety/Security Enhancements Planned for On-Campus Parties


Eastern Illinois University released its list of planned enhancements to safety and security for on-campus parties this afternoon.  President William Perry noted that this list was presented by a working group including both a student and staff members from a variety of campus offices.

According to Dan Nadler, vice president for student affairs, the working group reviewed existing policies and procedures for on-campus events and reviewed the practices of other colleges and universities – particularly those closest to EIU.

He also noted that EIU’s policies are reviewed regularly and periodically revised, but that the recent events prompted an additional review.

“We are not trying to interfere with the enjoyment of our students and their guests when they attend on-campus parties,” Nadler said.  “We value a vibrant student life on campus, but we need to make our best efforts to keep everyone safe at the same time.”

The working group has suggested the following changes which President Perry has agreed to adopt:

          With the exception of certain events, EIU students may bring one EIU or non-EIU student guest to a late-night event.

          With the exception of certain events, tickets must be purchased by noon on Friday in advance of the event.

          Tickets will be sold through University Tickets – an online service.  No tickets will be sold at the door.

          As before, all students and guests must have a photo ID for admittance.  However, now on entrance to the event, student IDs will be electronically card-swiped.  Non-EIU student guest IDs will be scanned or photographed.

These additions to the policy will allow the university and the sponsoring organization know who is in attendance and also reduce lines and crowding at the event entrance since students and guests will know in advance that they have a ticket.

In addition to the policy change, Nadler said that the university will engage the staff – including the University Police Department – in special event management training based on best practices in the industry.

"Our police department is always receiving training,” he said.  “In fact, they just hosted a special training session in diversity awareness and invited members of the Charleston Police to join them.”

“However, managing larger events goes beyond the police department, and everyone involved in hosting such events needs to receive ongoing training so that we can keep the events both enjoyable and safe for everyone involved,” he said.



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