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EIU Trustees Approve Hikes in Tuition, Student Fees


Eastern Illinois University 's Board of Trustees approved increases in tuition and student fees Monday, thus finalizing student costs for the 2005-2006 school year.

Students who began attending Eastern in Fall 2004 will continue to pay $137.75 per semester hour, a "locked-in" rate which will not change during the estimated time they will attend Eastern in order to receive their baccalaureate degree.

This policy was developed in accordance with provisions of State of Illinois Public Act 93-0228 (110 ILCS 665/10-120) (a.k.a., "Truth in Tuition Law"), which provides that tuition for new undergraduate Illinois resident students will remain the same for four continuous academic years. (The guaranteed rate is extended - on a limited basis - for those undergraduate degree programs approved by the university for completion in more than four years.)

Undergraduate students new to the university in Fall 2005 will pay $154.30 per semester hour (a 12 percent increase) for the duration of their time at Eastern. For students with an average 15-hour work load, this rate will total $2,314.50 per semester.

Tuition for continuing, non-guaranteed students (those admitted prior to Fall 2004) will increase by 7.5 percent. Illinois undergraduates will pay $137.25 per semester hour, an increase of $9.60. For students with an average 15-hour work load, this rate will total $2,058.75 per semester.

Illinois graduate students will pay $150.55 per semester hour, an increase of $16.15 (12 percent).

In addition to tuition, students enrolled with 12 or more semester hours will pay a full-time rate of $662.20 per semester in student fees. This does not include the $73.45 health and accident insurance fee (assessed for all students taking nine or more hours), nor the textbook rental fee of $7.95 per semester hour.

Graduate students also pay a $2 graduate student fee.

The $662.20 total includes: activity fee, $94.63; legal services fee, $4.52; athletic fee, $77.95; computer network fee, $48; grant-in-aid fee, $96.10; health service & pharmacy fee, $75.90; and a bond revenue fee, $265.10.

The bond revenue fee includes a "capped" $68 campus improvement fee. Effective Fall 2005, new students enrolled in more than 12 semester hours of classes will be charged an additional $5.67 for each hour beyond the 12 (thus, uncapping the campus improvement fee). The additional monies will assist with the funding of such projects as the Blair Hall addition, the Doudna Fine Arts expansion and Eastern's textbook rental facility.



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