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LLC, EIU Agree to More Student-Friendly Reverse Transfer Process


EIU President Bill Perry, left, and LLC President Josh Bullock sign a new reverse transfer articulation agreement that eases the reverse credit transfer process for EIU students who began and wish to complete an associate degree at Lake Land College.  Officials from both institutions met recently at the Coles Together Office to celebrate the collaboration.


Students who complete coursework at both Lake Land College and Eastern Illinois University now have a simpler way in which to combine their credits to earn an associate degree at Lake Land College.

According to the Memorandum of Agreement between the institutions, a process known as reverse transfer will assist eligible students in transferring coursework from EIU to LLC to complete requirements for their associate degree.  Eligible students are EIU students who previously attended (or who are currently also attending) Lake Land and who have earned 32 credit hours or more through the college but have not yet earned their associate degree.  

Amy Lynch, EIU registrar, said the university will first identify eligible students, then send them letters offering the opportunity to opt in to the reverse transfer process.  Those interested need only give their written authorization and the two institutions will do the rest.

Once authorization is received, Eastern will automatically send copies of the students’ transcripts to Lake Land at the completion of each semester; Lake Land, in turn, will review those transcripts and determine which newly earned credits, if any, can be applied toward an associate degree at that institution.  There is no additional fee charged to the students for the process.

“The overall goal is to help students who complete courses at both Lake Land and Eastern to combine their courses and have them recognized through an associate degree at Lake Land College,” said LLC President Josh Bullock. “We want to award students credentials where credentials are due by making sure that they know they can transfer courses from Eastern to Lake Land for degree completion.”

According to EIU President Bill Perry, the collaborations that LLC and EIU have only contribute to the strength of the east central Illinois area.

“We’re in a partnership that is great for Coles County and the area in general,” explained Perry. “Arrangements like these are what keep graduates in our area, which in turn, contributes to the vibrant communities and economy in our region and throughout the state. This is an agreement that will benefit everybody involved.”

Jordan Boerngen a former LLC student and current EIU student from Mason, completed her associate degree at Lake Land and transferred to EIU for her bachelor’s degree.  She said that collaboration like this between the institutions is very important from the student perspective.  Boerngen said that she transferred seamlessly from LLC to EIU, and by attending these institutions, she was able to afford school and stay close to home, two priorities for her.

“Both Lake Land and EIU made it so I could begin my degree at LLC and walk right into my junior year at Eastern,” said Boerngen. “Looking back, if I hadn’t completed by associate degree and simply transferred first, I would have liked the option for my EIU courses to count for my associate degree. This is a very student-focused initiative.”

Bullock said that associate degree completion is valuable for students who are also actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree because it gives them a credential that can open employment opportunities for them, which further gives them real-world experience and can help them financially afford to complete their last two years of a bachelor’s degree.

Perry agreed that overall, this is just one more initiative the college and university are working on together to push for student completion and success.

To learn more about reverse transfer, contact Counseling Services at Lake Land College at 217-234-5232 or the Office of Transfer Relations at EIU at 217-581-2120 or



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