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EIU Human Resources

FAQs on Potential Work Stoppage

Can I return to work during the strike as a UPI member?
In general, yes, you can return to work at any time.  It is your individual decision.
If I as a UPI member return, what will I be paid?
You will be paid the same salary and benefits that you received before the strike.  Likewise, all provisions of the prior UPI agreement will apply upon return to duty until the University and UPI agree to and ratify new contract terms.
Does that include my group medical insurance as a UPI member?
Yes. If you return to work soon enough, the University will pay its share of the premiums. However, after 30 days of non-pay status, you will have to pay all premiums, including the University-paid portion of the premium unless your failure to return is due to disability, educational, sabbatical, or military leave with pay and benefits. Additionally, the timing of a work stoppage could also impact monthly salary disbursements for individuals on 12 pays, as well as 9 pays for the next fiscal year. All insurance rules are governed by CMS policy and not determined by EIU.
How does a strike impact UPI members leave benefits?
If employees on strike are absent from work for at least one full pay period they shall not accumulate vacation, sick leave, or other earned benefits, as would be the case if they were on unauthorized leaves of absence.
The Union stated that I could be fined if I cross the picket line and work. Can they do this?
If the Union’s internal rules governing its members so provides, the law allows a Union to fine its members if they cross picket lines and work during a strike. Although we are not recommending what you should do, because that is your individual decision, we have been advised that, under the law, if an employee resigns from a union before crossing a picket line and returning to work, the employee can avoid those fines.
As a UPI member, am I entitled to unemployment compensation claim?
No, you are not eligible for unemployment compensation while you are striking.
During the work stoppage will the sick leave practices be modified for all employees?
Yes. Employees calling in sick at the time of the strike will be required to provide their supervisors with written documentation that includes the following:
  • Signature, address, and phone number of the medical practitioner;
  • The pertinent date(s) in question; and
  • A statement that the employee was unable to work on the date(s) in question for reasons of personal or family illness.  
FMLA leaves are not impacted and will continue pursuant to state and federal regulations and existing EIU policy. All other matters related to absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Does the UPI work stoppage impact vacation, personal leave, and other paid time off for all employees?
  • Non-UPI Members:
    All such leaves shall be subject to the emergency operating needs of the Employer. Employees currently on such leaves will be evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis, regarding the necessity of their return to the workplace. FMLA leaves are not impacted and will continue pursuant to state and federal regulations and existing EIU policy.
  • UPI Members:
    All scheduled vacation, time off for personal business, leaves without pay, scheduled holidays, etc. shall not be granted or shall be canceled unless failure to grant the time off or cancellation would be a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. 
Can I teach class if I am in UPI 4100?
Yes. Campus remains open.
Can you explain how any reduction in pay will be calculated during the strike?
We will determine your monthly salary and divide it by the number of working days in the month (including holidays) to arrive at a daily rate. We will then multiply the number of days missed due to strike activity by the daily rate to determine the amount to reduce your monthly pay.
Due to the timing required to prepare payroll, it might require that the reduction in pay will occur in the following month.
Who should I contact if I have questions regarding pay, benefits, leave usage, etc.?
Most salary and benefit questions can be answered by Human Resources. If we need other resources to fully address a question, we will seek appropriate assistance.
  • Payroll questions can be directed to or by calling 217-581-5510
  • Benefit questions can be directed to or by calling 217-581-5825
  • Employment-related questions can be directed to or by calling 217-581-2613



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