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EIU Human Resources

HR Forms

Form Type
ADA Accommodation Form (Procedures) General Forms
A&P Position/Title Request Form (Instructions) Classification/Compensation
Civil Service Position Description Word (doc)(Rich Text) Classification/Compensation
Proposed New Civil Service Position (Word doc) (Rich Text) Classification/Compensation
Request for Audit of Civil Service Position Form Classification/Compensation
Request for Temporary Upgrade Form
Appraisal Handbook Performance Appraisal Forms
Civil Service Employee Appraisal (pdf)Word (doc) Performance Appraisal Forms
Employee Worksheet Performance Appraisal Forms
Event Record Performance Appraisal Forms
Address/Name Change Form Employment/Examinations
Application for Employment Employment/Examinations
Background Investigation for Employment Employment/Examinations
Banner HR Access Form Employment/Examinations
Campus Address Change Form Employment/Examinations
Checklist for New Employees Employment/Examinations
Checklist for Supervisors of New Employees Employment/Examinations
Confidentiality Statement Employment/Examinations
DCFS Acknowledgment Form (Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Acknowledgement) Employment/Examinations

Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)  

General Person Creation in Banner for non-students/non-employees Employment/Examinations
Salary Distribution Option Employment/Examinations
Statement of Student Loan Default Employment/Examinations
PAR Dashboard Personnel Authorization Request (PAR) Forms
Authorization to Use or Disclose Information Worker's Compensation
Employee Notice of Injury/Illness Worker's Compensation
Incident Only Procedure Worker's Compensation
Initial Workers' Compensation Medical Report Worker's Compensation
Supervisor's Report of Injury/Illness (Guide) Worker's Compensation
Witness Report Worker's Compensation
Benefits Choice Booklet Benefits
Benefits Choice Information Forms Benefits
Court Required Service Leave Request Benefits
Deferred Compensation 457b Change Form - T.RowePrice Website Benefits
Deferred Compensation 457b Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Form - T.RowePrice Website Benefits
Dental Claim Form Benefits
Employee Request for Accrued Leave Usage During Probation Benefits
Eyemed Vision Claim Form  Benefits 
Flex Schedule Form Benefits
FMLA Employee Illness (Family Medical Leave) Benefits
FMLA Family Member Illness (Family Medical Leave) Benefits
Non-FMLA Approved Leave of Absence Benefits
Irrevocable Election to Retire Benefits
Life Insurance Beneficiary Form Benefits
Outside Bereavement Policy Approval Benefits
Sick Leave Bank Online Donation Form (Policy) Benefits
Sick Leave Bank Usage Form Benefits
State of Illinois Benefits Forms Benefits
Summer Flex Schedule Form Benefits
Tax Deferred 403b (Salary Reduction Form) Benefits
Direct Deposit Form Payroll
Manual Timecard Submission Payroll
Payroll Deduction Codes Payroll
Supplemental Time Card Payroll
Federal W-4 Payroll
IL State W-4 Payroll
Annuitant Tuition Waiver Waivers
Child of Employee 50% Tuition Waiver (online application begins with parent's login) Waivers
EIU and BOT Undergraduate Application Waiver Waivers
Employee Tuition Waiver (online application) Waivers
Graduate School Fee Waiver Waivers
Graduation Fee Waiver Waivers
Interinstitutional-EIU Employee Waivers
Interinstitutional-Other Illinois Public Institution Employee Waivers

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