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EIU Department of Employment and Examinations

Civil Service Career Advancement  

Five ways to advance your EIU civil service employment career path:

1. Promotion

Eastern Illinois University employees are encouraged to seek promotional opportunities.  Employees may test for any position for which they meet the minimum qualifications.   A test score from a position in a promotional line is considered a promotional score and is placed at the top of the register.  If you have not yet completed your initial probation a written request must be submitted in order to move your score to promotional status upon the completion of your probationary period.  As an example, if you are hired into an Accountant I position, you may test for an Accountant II position.  When an Accountant II position becomes vacant, you will be considered for an interview ahead of any original entry scores. 

2. Desk Audit

When you have a substantive change in your job duties and responsibilities you may request a desk audit to analyze your current position for reclassification to a higher level.  An updated Position Description and a Request for Audit of Civil Service Description should be completed and given to our Compensation Manager for review.  If the audit determines that you are performing at a higher job level, the position may be reclassified at the higher level. Accordingly, you will be promoted to the higher job classification after you successfully pass the examination.

3. Reassignment

In some cases, civil service employees may request to be reassigned to a new department while maintaining the same job classification. For more information about submitting a reassignment, contact Employment/Examinations at (217) 581-3463 or (217) 581-7654.

4. Temporary Upgrade

In some situations, your job classification may be temporarily upgraded for up to 30 consecutive work days. During the temporary upgrade period you perform duties at a higher classification level. To initiate an upgrade, your supervisor must submit a temporary upgrade form to the Human Resources. You must also pass any applicable civil service examination. 

5. Applying for Another Job Classification

Employees may test for any position for which they meet the minimum qualifications.  Your passing score will be placed on an active job register.  When a job becomes vacant you will be in consideration for the position.  Your score remains active until you are notified otherwise or you ask for your scores to be removed.  If you fail to reply to notifications your score is removed from the register.



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