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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Academic Success Guide for Fraternities & Sororities

This online guide helps chapters and individual members address academic concerns and develop strategies to maximize academic success. Stop by often for updated resources and ideas to enhance your academic experience! 

Chapter Summary Grade Reports

Spring 2024 Fall 2023
Spring 2023 Fall 2022
Spring 2022 Fall 2021
Spring 2021 Fall 2020
Spring 2020  Fall 2019
Spring 2019 Fall 2018
Spring 2018 Fall 2017
Spring 2017 Fall 2016
Spring 2016 Fall 2015
Spring 2015 Fall 2014


On-Campus Resources

EIU Scholarship Search - A searchable database of all Scholarships provided by the EIU Foundation.

Using the Mid-Term Grade Report (D/F List)

Please keep in mind that these lists are provided to allow you the opportunity to help your members who may be falling behind. Encourage them to take advantage of the assistance provided on campus. (Keep in mind that not all courses include the requirement to post mid-term grade updates. In particular, upper level courses may not be included.)

When you look at the report, you will see grade codes for each course. Here is what they mean:

D or F – That is the grade that would be earned if the course ended at midterm.

NC – The student is taking the course credit/no credit, and would not earn credit for the class.

XD or XF – This is for a developmental course, and does not count for the student’s GPA or for graduation. This is usually a course that is needed prior to taking another course that does count toward graduation.

NF – This indicates non-attendance in the course.

RD or RF – This is for a remedial course. It does not count toward graduation, but is included in GPA calculations.

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