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EIU Exercise Science

Exercise Science Alumni

Below are career updates about alumni of the KSR Exercise Science program:

Brandon Howrey (B.S. 2017) is currently a Physical Therapist at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, TX

Brandon HSince graduating from EIU, I obtained my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. After obtaining my DPT, I started working at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX in March 2021, where I still work as of August 2023. Since working at Baylor University Medical Center, I have been awarded the Senior Staff Recognition Award, been promoted from staff therapist to proficient level therapist, and am currently a part of a feasibility study with a group of PTs from Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation for use of Ekso Bionic's exoskeleton in an acute hospital setting for patients sho have suffered an acute stroke. I currently am on the neurology team, where I work in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit.





Laramie Immel (B.S. 2015, M.S. 2016) is currently the Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports at Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA

Laramie Immel As the Director of Strength & Conditioning, my goals are to best prepare our student-athletes for the demands of their respective     sports and to develop them as capable young adults. I accomplish these goals by assessing each athlete’s needs and designing a   yearly training program to maximize their athletic potential. The details of this process are ever changing, never-ending, and   constantly challenging which is exactly what makes my job so fun and rewarding. Additionally, I act as our department’s internship   coordinator where we focus on training young coaches to prepare them to move on and make an impact in our field of work.

 I am very proud to be an EIU Panther, and my five years in Charleston are no doubt instrumental in my success. EIU sets itself   apart because of our incredible professors. Their willingness to constantly help me inside and out of the classroom gave me a   huge advantage when entering my field.  GO PANTHERS!



Chloe Hough (M.S. 2015) is currently a Fitness Coach at the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion in Cincinnati Ohio

Chloe Hough

 My specialty is in special populations, so my job duties are multifaceted. As a Fitness Coach my my responsibilities include   personal training, leading group exercise classes, aiding in research studies, working with our clinical exercise programs, leading   lectures for various wellness programs, fitness floor coverage, and performing member orientations and assessments. I am also a   certified Rock Steady Boxing coach and plan to start the program at the Pavilion. 

 The Clinical Exercise Science Masters program allowed me to further develop my skills in the field of exercise science and   continue to explore the different populations I was interested in working with once beginning my career.  There were many   opportunities for hands on experiences in classes, labs and outside experiences like the cardiac rehab and stress testing   programs. I also really enjoyed building relationships with my professors and fellow grad students. I still use a lot of the skills and   tools that I learned in my time at EIU to this day and I am very grateful to the program, faculty, and my fellow grad students. 


Hillary (Rusk) Cecil (B.S. 2012, M.S. 2013) is currently a Cardiac Rehab Exercise Specialist at Good Samaritan Dayson Heart Center

Hilary I was hired to be the first ever Clinical Exercise Physiologist to work in Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Good Samaritan Hospital   Dayson Heart Center in Vincennes, Indiana. I took the position with the vision of reconstructing the current cardiac rehab program   and providing the department with the knowledge and skills I gained from my degree.  During my time as an Exercise Specialist in   Cardiac Rehabilitation, I have been working alongside the Cardiology Patient and Family Educator, Cardiologists, and department   nurses to reconstruct the existing Phase 2 Program (acute cardiac event monitored patients) by adding an education component,   adding a detailed exercise prescription according to the patients need, implementing a new Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab Program (risk   reduction and non-acute cardiac patients) and constructing and implementing a pilot program to reduce hospital readmissions for   patients diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. My goal is to continue to grow the Cardiac Rehabilitation program by adding   more exercise classes for special populations (such as diabetes, weight loss, flexibility and stability) and to facilitate opportunities   to raise awareness of heart health in the community.

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from EIU in KSS with a concentration in Exercise Science in 2012 and graduated with my master’s degree in KSS with a concentration in Exercise Science in 2013. While I was a graduate student, I also held an Exercise Science Graduate Assistant position in which I taught undergraduate activity courses, supervised undergraduate students in the ATP Lab and also worked with the EIU Adult Fitness Program. The experience I gained while attending EIU has given me the confidence to excel and push to exceed boundaries set before me in the field of Exercise Science.


Lindsey Williamson (B.S. 2006, M.S. 2007) is currently the Manager of the Center for Healthy Living at Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital 

LindseyAs the Manager of the Center for Healthy Living I oversee the hospital-based fitness center. Our unique program allows us to serve a wide variety of clients in all stages of wellness and recovery. I also manage the employee wellness, corporate wellness, and weight management programs. In this role, I have the opportunity to plan, coordinate and implement initiatives and programs aimed at improving the health and wellness of our company’s employees and our community. Working for Sarah Bush Lincoln has also opened doors to exciting community partnerships that allow me to collaborate with other like-minded professionals. 

Working in this field is about much more than physical fitness. It requires organizational skills, excellent communication skills, management skills, creativity and passion. The EIU KSS Department gave me a great knowledge base with which to begin my career. The faculty and staff were, and still are, phenomenal mentors. Over ten years later, I still reach out to them for support. The KSS program provided a learning experience that fostered confidence and provided me with the background I needed to be prepared to work in the fitness industry.

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