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EIU Ethics Office

Statements of Economic Interests FAQs


Who should I contact if I received a Statement and don't feel I meet one of the above criteria?

You should contact the Ethics Officer at 581-7249 or e-mail at:

Who should I contact with questions on how to complete my Statement?

You should contact the Ethics Officer at 581-7249 or

Who should I call with questions about the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act with regard to the Statement of Economic Interests?

Questions related to the law should be directed to the Office of the Secretary of State at: 217-524-0309. Please note the only individuals who can change laws are the State Legislators.

What are the basic procedures?

  • The Ethics Officer will work with each Vice President to compile a list of individuals required to file. The list will include home addresses for employees and will be provided to the Secretary of State.
  • In March, the Secretary of State will send notification letters and forms to the EIU employees who have been identified as needing to file a Statement under the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act.
  • Employees will complete their Statements and submit them to the Ethics Officer, as required by law, by the deadline posted annually. The Ethics Office is located at: Blair Hall, Room 2102
  • Please do not send your completed form directly to the Secretary of State.
  • The Office of the Secretary of State will send you written confirmation in the mail that your Statement has been filed.

What happens if I do not file my Statement by the deadline?

Penalties are assessed by the Office of the Secretary of State to the late filer as follows:

  • $15 for any form not filed by May 1st - the deadline
  • $100 per day (in addition to the $15 fee) from May 16th until the date the signed original form is received and filed at the Office of the Secretary of State.
  • Failure to file by May 31st will result in the employee's name being turned over to the Attorney General and may result in forfeiture of the position of employment.

Do I need to file more than one form if I work for more than one State entity?

If you work for more than one agency, board, or commission - you are only mandated to complete one Statement. However, you need to make copies of the Statement and place an original signature on each of the copies for the respective agency. For example, if you work for the Illinois Department of Revenue and EIU, you only complete one Statement. Please send a copy to the Ethics Officer on or before thedeadline.

I was hired in April. Do I need to complete a Statement?

Yes. Employees hired in April have until May 31st to file their Statement with the Office of the Secretary of State. Although it is not required, it is a good idea to note this on your Statement.

What will happen if I send a photocopy or an unsigned Statement to the Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State only accepts original signatures on Statements. As such, if you send a copy or forget to sign your Statement, it will be returned to your home address with a letter explaining the problem. Please note that if the Statement is not back at the Office of the Secretary of State corrected and completed by the deadline, a late fee will be assessed by the Secretary of State.

What if I am out of the country (i.e., sabbatical) and cannot meet the deadline?

Please write a letter, describing your circumstances and request temporary removal from the list for the current year with reinstatement for the next year. Send your letter, along with the Statement to the Ethics Officer for review and forwarding to the Office of the Secretary of State. Send your letter before the deadline. You may also send an e-mail to the Ethics Officer at: to discuss your particular situation in further detail.

I have always completed a Statement in the past, but did not receive one in the mail this year. I know it is the time of year when the Statement should be completed and do not want to receive a fine. What should I do, or who should I contact?

Please contact the Ethics Officer at: 581-7249 or e-mail at: to determine whether or not you need to file this year.

I think I fall into one of the categories for filing listed above, but I did not receive a letter from the Secretary by the end of March?

Please contact the Ethics Officer at: 217-581-7249 or e-mail at: to determine whether or not you need to file this year.

I can't find the Statement the Secretary of State sent me.

You should get another Statement from the Ethics Officer or at this website.

The first paragraph under the title General Directions on the Statement of Economic Interests form states, "The interest (if constructively controlled by the person making the statement) of a spouse or any other party, shall be considered to be the same as the interest of the person making the statement." Could you clarify what is meant by "constructively controlled":

If you are the one who makes decisions regarding the account/business/real estate (even if your decisions are based on someone else’s input or advice), then you "constructively control" the interests in that account/business/real estate. These accounts/businesses/real estates should be listed on the Statement. Although the Statement gives monetary thresholds, you should not provide any values. Just answer the question to the best of your ability.



Still Have Questions?

Please contact the Ethics Officer:
Phone: 217-581-7249

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