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EIU Ethics Office


The Illinois Governmental Ethics Act [5 ILCS 420/Art. 4A] requires certain employees to complete a Statement of Economic Interests every year. The forms are mailed directly from the Secretary of State to the employee, who is responsible for providing it to the Ethics Officer – Laura McLaughlin, Ethics Officer, Blair Hall, Room 2102, or Phone: 581-7249. The Ethics Officer is required by law [5 ILCS 430/20-23(2)] to review the signed and completed Statement of Economic Interests form(s) of the University's employees before the form is forwarded to the Secretary of State.


The list of employees who are required to complete and file such a form is submitted to the Secretary of State by the University's Ethics Officer. Some of the requirements that necessitate an employee file this document are:

  • they are a member of the Board of Trustees;
  • they are, or function as, the head of a department or board;
  • they have supervisory authority or direct responsibility for the formulation, negotiation, issuance, or execution of contracts entered into by the State in the amount of $5,000 or more;
  • have supervisory responsibility for 20 or more employees of the State;
  • have responsibility with respect to the financial inspection of regulated nongovernmental entities;
  • have authority for the issuance or promulgation of rules and regulations;
  • adjudicate, arbitrate, or decide any judicial or administrative proceeding, or review the adjudication, arbitration, or decision of any judicial or administrative proceeding;


  • have responsibility for the procurement of goods and services (University P-Card, Office Max).

Statements will be mailed to all individuals. The deadline for submission of completed statements to the Ethics Officer will be posted annually. The forms must arrive at the Secretary of State by May 1 of each year. Any employee who fails to file a Statement of Economic Interests or files after the deadline will be subject to a late fee and/or penalty. The Secretary of State shall impose a fine for forms received after the deadline. In addition, "Failure to file a statement within the time prescribed shall result in ineligibility for, or forfeiture of, office or position of employment."


Send or bring your completed form to:

EIU Ethics Officer
Blair Hall, Room 2102

You may also send your form through campus mail. Please make sure your form is sent early enough to reach the Secretary of State by the due date.

General Information

The Secretary of State does not accept any faxes or copies of Statements of Economic Interests (Statements). The form you submit must be completed to the best of your ability and must include your original signature and date. If you have no entry for an item, please enter "N/A" or "none" after each such item. Any incomplete or unsigned Statements will be returned for a signature and will not be considered filed until completed and returned. In addition, any person who willfully files a false or incomplete statement shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

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