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EIU Ethics Office

The Office of Executive Inspector General (OEIG) has jurisdiction over the employees of the agencies, boards, commissions and the public university system responsible to the Governor and the vendors of those agencies, boards, commissions and the public university system. Specifically excluded from the office's jurisdiction are the Illinois General Assembly, any Illinois court or its judges, the offices of the Secretary of State, Auditor General, Treasurer, Attorney General, and their staff and employees. If you have a question about its jurisdiction, call 312-814-5600.

A complaint may be filed with the OEIG in writing, on one of its complaint forms or orally. You may file a complaint by:

  • Calling the OEIG's toll-free hotline 866-814-1113;
  • Sending a completed complaint form to Office of Executive Inspector General, Attention Complaint Division, 32 West Randolph, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois, 60601;
  • Faxing a completed complaint form to 312-814-5479;


  • Visiting the office at the addresses shown below to fill out a complaint form. Under state law, the OEIG's office cannot accept anonymous complaints.

The inspector general or any of the appointed deputies may issue subpoenas requiring the appearance of anyone for questioning and the production of any books, records or other documents relevant to an investigation. The Inspector General or any deputy may also appear before any state agency under its jurisdiction or entity doing business with the state and question any individual or secure anything necessary in furtherance of an investigation.

You may contact the OEIG by U.S. mail, by fax, or by telephone:

69 West Washington Street
Suite 3400
Chicago, Ill. 60602
888-261-2734 (TTY)
312-814-5479 (Fax)
Illinois Building
14th Floor
607 East Adams St.
Springfield, Ill. 62711
217-782-1605 (Fax)

OEIG Website

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