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EIU Department of Educational Leadership

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Educational Leadership has
495 EIU graduates serving as administrators
throughout Illinois.

The Department of Educational Leadership's mission is to prepare quality candidates to serve as superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders.

The M.S. Ed. and Ed.S. programs actively engage students in courses that focus on the essential elements of leadership necessary for successfully guiding the effective and efficient operation of our schools.

The M.S.Ed. program is structured to prepare candidates to serve at the school building level as Teacher Leaders and to prepare candidates for admission to the Principal Endorsement Program. The Ed.S. program focuses on the preparation of candidates to serve as superintendents and other central office administration providing quality leadership at the school district level. The programs are actively reviewed and improved as the field of educational administration evolves. The commitment to continuous improvement is shown in the design and implementation of the new two tier principal endorsement program.

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Why Choose EIU for Your Educational Leadership?

  • Preparing Future Leaders
  • Educational Community
  • Professional Organizations
  • Partnerships

Preparing Future Leaders

The main mission of the program is to prepare quality candidates for the role of superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders. The students are prepared through providing quality level graduate courses. In the master’s program the teachers are being prepared to be leaders and principals. The education specialist prepares superintendents to be central office administrators.

Educational Community

The Department of Educational Leadership is committed to working within the university in support of the goals and strategic initiatives as outlined by the university administration. In addition there is a strong commitment to work beyond the walls of the university to provide quality levels of service and support to all essential elements of the educational community in Illinois. The Department has a strong tradition of taking the leadership in establishing and maintaining initiatives that continue to support and enhance education in Illinois.

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Professional Organizations

The Department's faculty has been recognized for their active involvement and leadership in the major professional organizations aligned with school administration both regionally and nationally. Our faculty has been instrumental in influencing, supporting and contributing to the ongoing agenda focused on improving the educational program in Illinois. Significant involvement of faculty members in action oriented research has contributed to the direction and redirection of several educational initiatives. Faculty members have served in critical leadership roles at the regional, state and national levels.

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The Department of Educational Leadership has actively established strong formal partnerships with the pre-k through 12 school systems by assisting them with their efforts in providing quality educational opportunities for all Illinois students. In addition, the Department also actively maintains strong connections with the various state agencies to secure the proper management of school districts, improvement of curriculum, and the promotion of improved student performance.

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Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership

The Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership is designed to meet the needs of those educators interested in entry leadership positions in their schools: grade level leader, team leader, department chair, curriculum director/coordinator, athletic director, dean of students, etc. Click here for more information on this program.

Principal Endorsement

The Principal Endorsement Program is designed for those educators wanting to pursue leadership roles as an assistant principal or principal. Click here for more information on this program.

Specialist Degree in Educational Administration

The Specialist Degree in Educational Administration provides the necessary coursework for graduates to secure the Illinois State Board of Education endorsement to be a Superintendent of Schools.

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Contact Information

Department of
Educational Leadership

2320 Buzzard Hall
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-6673

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