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EIU Budget Office

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do I need to do if an expense or encumbrance needs to be moved between different organizations (or ledgers)? 
* Note: Budget Office cannot move actual expenses or encumbrances. Moving actual transaction data is an accounting function which must happen through journal entries. The Budget Office can only assist with adjustments to budget authority. Budget spending authority is the predetermined amount that you can spend on personnel and operating expenses.
    • If the expense is a non-personnel service expenditure, you will need to contact the Business Office with the details. The Business Office will then process a Journal Entry to move the expenditure.  
    • If the expense is a personnel service expenditure, Payroll will need to be contacted with the details.  
      • Verify that the proper documentation has been sent to Human Resources so that future payroll processing will be allocated to the proper Organization or Account. This is typically a revised PAR form that reflects the changes.  
      • Contact Payroll Department with the details and they will do a redistribution to move the expense. The Human Resources staff can assist you if needed.  
      • Budget Office will assist as much as possible with the adjustment.


  1. Why am I not seeing personnel service “savings” (i.e., position budget surplus) in my Organization from a position that just became vacant?
    • Human Resources has to make a change on NBAJOBS ending the contract. Payroll will then need to run the process that recalculates Encumbrances (which is typically run every Friday or after a payroll process) before you will be able to see the change reflected in the Organization.


  1. I ran a report in Argos and the budget available amount is different than what I see in Banner. Why?
    • Argos reports are based on transactions up through the end of the prior day. Thus, activity that is processed in Banner on any given day will not show up on an Argos report until the next day.


  1. What is the difference between “Base” and “Non-Base” transfers on the appropriated transfer form?
    • A Base transfer (also known as BD02/BD2) is a permanent reduction or increase of budget authority for the current budget year and future years.
    • A Non-Base transfer (also known as BD04/BD4) is a one-time transfer that adjusts budget authority for the current year only. (A transfer from 61000 personnel reserves to overload account 61154 is an example of a BD04 transfer).


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