Transfer Timeline

  1. Choose transfer institution to begin college career.
  2. Work with adviser at primary college on transfer curriculum.
  3. Make an appointment to discuss transfer plans with an EIU transfer counselor.
  4. Apply to EIU nine to 12 month prior to enrollment date.
  5. Have official transcripts sent after each semester completed.
  6. Apply for financial aid by March 1 for the next academic year.
  7. Begin searching for residential or off-campus housing six to nine months prior to enrollment.
  8. Attend EIU Transfer Debut day during semester prior to enrollment.
  9. Move into new residence hall, house or apartment one week prior to beginning of classes.
  10. Print schedule from PAWS system.
  11. Pick up textbooks at Textbook Rental Service at earliest convenience.
  12. Attend classes.
  13. Apply for graduation at EIU during early portion of your junior year to receive a complete degree audit.