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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium is held Fridays at 4:10 p.m. in Old Main Room 2231.

Fall 2015

Sep. 4 Gregory Galperin Construction of Antipodal Points on a Sphere by Compass and Straightedge
Sep. 11   No Colloquium Scheduled
Sep. 18 Charles Delman How to Cut Open a Link Complement
Sep. 25 Peter Wiles Modular Polyhedra
Oct. 2 Alejandra Alvarado Approximating Coefficients of Shabat Polynomials
Oct. 9 Alex Miller (UIUC) Some Basic Questions About Characters of Symmetric Groups
Oct. 13 Kurt Heckman vCalc's Coding for Community (2015)
Oct. 16   No Colloquium Scheduled (Fall Break)
Oct. 23 Bruce Carpenter (UIUC) The Instructional Model of NetMath
Oct. 30 A.J. Hildebrand (UIUC) How to Sum 1-1+1-1+...:  A Journey Through the World of Divergent Series from Euler to Present
Nov. 6

Fayeza Ahmed (EIU, Psychology)

Clinical Neuropsychology: Application of Mathematics to Clinical Practice
Nov. 13 Maxim Yattselev (IU-Purde University, Indianapolis) Hermite-Padé Approximation of Algebraic Functions
Nov. 20   No Colloquium Scheduled
Nov. 27   No Colloquium Scheduled (Thanksgiving Break)
Dec. 4 Lena Folwaczhy (UIUC) New Constructions of Virtual Knot Polynomials
Dec. 11   No Colloquium Scheduled (Last Day of Class)


Past colloquium titles and abstracts are archived here.

The Geometry, Dynamics, and Topology Days are scheduled for April 26, 2014.