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Due to the Executive Director of CASA being on an administrative leave in 2015, the Provost and deans have decided to suspend submission of assessment plans for June 2015. Collection and analysis of data in the programs should continue, but reports will not be made to CASA this year.  In June 2016, the submission process will resume. Programs on an annual reporting schedule will all submit plans by June 15, 2016 to kjsanders @eiu.edu. Programs on a two-year cycle will remain on that cycle. Click on the link below for the Reporting Cycle List.

Check to see where your department is on the 2-year reporting cycle!
Reporting Cycle List


The Student Learning Assessment Program Summary Form is available as a word file. Fill out the form by entering text in the areas provided. Please keep your answers short and specific.  Pay special attention to Part Two of the form, which asks for a summary of changes resulting from your assessment of student learning. In Part Two, you may want to connect the changes made to the specific assessment results collected.

After filling out the form, you may save the file in rich text or as a Word doc (.doc). You will need to rename the file (e.g., BA.ENG.rtf). You may then attach the saved file(s) to an email sent to the Center for Academic Support and Assessment (kjsanders@eiu.edu).

Summary Form