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Human Communication Processes

The focus of the Human Communication Processes concentration is to incorporate theoretical and applied perspectives on interpersonal communication. More specifically, we are interested in the construction and negotiation of social reality, focusing on the fundamental processes that occur during interaction. The goal of the Human Communication Processes concentration is to acquire expertise in identifying, analyzing, and addressing the challenges of effective communication among individuals. We examine the production, exchange, and interpretation of messages in a variety of relational contexts, including intercultural communication, conflict, the workplace, family, and health communication.

Success in business and professional fields requires the ability to confront the challenges of effective communication posed by the reality of individuals interacting with each other. Graduates of the Human Communication Processes concentration have the ability to pursue a number of professional occupations, including careers in corporate, nonprofit, educational and healthcare settings. Students also may go on to teach at community colleges, abroad, or at four-year institutions.

The Human Communication Processes concentration also provides the necessary theoretical and methodological foundation for students to continue their education and research in doctoral programs across the country.

Recent Research

For the Human Communication Processes concentration, the following research capstone projects have recently been completed by EIU students:


Construction of spiritual identity: CMM and conversion to Catholicism
Student: Stephanie Gruner
Advisor: Elizabeth Gill, Ph.D.



Romantic Conflict: A Problematic Integration
Student: Alyssa Obradovich
Advisor: Elizabeth Gill, Ph.D.

The Graying of Facebook: Emerging Adults and Their Parents as Facebook Friends
Student: Jodi Jackson
Advisor: Richard G. Jones Jr., Ph.D.