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Students who maintain at least a 3.5 GPA are invited to participate in the department Honors Program. Participants enroll in four Communication Studies honors courses that lead to completion of an honors thesis by graduation.  The courses are typically taken in the following sequence:

  1. CMN 44441:  Honors Independent Study I  (3 credits)
  2. CMN 44442:  Honors Independent Study II (3 credits)
  3. CMN 45551:  Honors Research I  (3 credits)
  4. CMN 4644:  Honors Thesis  (3 credits)

When offered, CMN 4666 - Honors Seminar (3 credits) can be substituted for one of the Honors Independent Study classes.

To apply for the department Honors Program, complete the application form.

More information about department honors programs at Eastern is available at the Honors College website.  For further information about the department Honors Program in Communication Studies, please contact Dr. David Gracon.

Office: Coleman Hall 1814
Email: dgracon@eiu.edu