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Introduction to Speech Communication (CMN 1310/1390)

This page is a way to deliver important information regarding Public Speaking to the EIU and Charleston community. Also make sure to check out our YouTube page and follow us on Twitter!

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September 2015

Quote of the Month

"You have to be prepared to speak to a particular audience on a particular occasion. Ultimately, then, a great speech is only partially about you. It's also about the audience and the occasion." – Nick Morgan (Speaking Coach and Author)

Tip of the Month

Being true to yourself during your speech is something the audience will take notice of. Do not attempt to become someone else while speaking publically, but instead let who you are shine through. When you speak genuinely, your speech is more conversational and your audience is more engaged.

Speech of the Month

The always hilarious actor and comedian Jim Carrey gives the commencement speech at Maharishi University of Management. Even though he is in an official capacity as the commencement speaker, he allows his personality and humor to come through. His comedy and personal narratives elevate the speech as he draws in the audience in and delights them. He also does not let these elements overwhelm the inspirational message of speech.