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Introduction to Speech Communication (CMN 1310/1390)

This page is a way to deliver important information regarding Public Speaking to the EIU and Charleston community. Also make sure to check out our YouTube page and follow us on Twitter

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September 2014

Quote of the Month

I will prepare and someday, my chance will come. -- Abraham Lincoln

Tip of the Month

As you start the semester, many of the assignments you are given may seem daunting or maybe, you feel they aren't worth your time. Each and every task and assignment you receive here has its purpose in your academic career: to prepare you for the next step. Preparation is key to your future success, not only in college, but also, in work and other areas of your life. Thinking ahead and having a plan of action will better prepare you to seize opportunities as they come and will also help in easing anxiety about your future. While life doesn't always go as planned, being prepared helps you deal with the inevitable twists and turns of the journey.

Speech of the Month

In this scene of The King's Speech, King George VI​ is addressing millions of listeners in the British Empire to declare war with Nazi Germany in September 1939. For anyone to be an effective leader, preparing and delivering speeches is a necessary skill. What you see in this clip, is King George VI succeeding. What you don't see, and what is depicted throughout most of the movie, is King George VI practicing his delivery with a speech therapist for countless hours, so that when the chance came, he was able to show the public that he was worthy to be their king. This clip is a great example of the benefits of preparation.