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Depositories/Trust Accounts/Securities Accounts/Custodial Accounts Currently in Use

  • State of Illinois Treasurer's Investment Pool - The Illinois Funds and Prime Fund - US Bank
  • First-Mid Illinois Bank and Trust
  • US Bank Custodial Services
  • LaSalle National Bank as Trustee
  • Charles Schwab
  • Citizens National Bank

The Eastern Illinois University Board of Trustees has authorized the Peace Meal Program to maintain approximately 50 bank accounts at various locations for administration of their senior nutrition program. These accounts have minimal balances.

Securities Firms Approved

  • Bank Oklahoma Securities Corporation - Little Rock, Ark.
  • Cambridge Associates, Inc. - Boston, Mass.
  • Loop Capital - Chicago, Ill.
  • Multi-Bank Securities - Southfield, Mich.
  • TCF National Bank Illinois - Burr Ridge, Ill.

These firms are in addition to banks and their affiliates approved as depositories of local funds, or approved by the State of Illinois Treasurer’s Office.