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Common Transaction Rule Codes

This is a partial listing; keep in mind an analysis of the transaction will help you determine what is being done to your fund/organization.

BD01 Permanent Adopted Budget
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjusments
BD2 Permanent Budget Adjustments
CEF Copy Express Feed
CR05 Cash Receipt Entry
DNEI Check Invoice with Encumbrance
DNNI Check Invoice without Encumbrance
EO10 Post Original Encumbrance
EO20 Encumbrance Adjustment
FT01 Interfund Transfer
FT9 Fleet Charge/Janitor Supplies
INEI Invoice with Encumbrance
INNI Invoice without Encumbrance
LCF Legacy Cashnet/BR Cash Feed
OMF OfficeMax Feed
PC1 P-Card Feed - Encumbrance - Partial Liquidation
PC2 P-Card Feed - Encumbrance - Total Liquidation
PCF P-Card Feed - No Encumbrance
PCRD Cancel Purchase Order
PORC Purchase Order Change
PORD Establish Purchase Order
PSF Postage Feed
RCQP Cancel Requisition
REQP Requisition-Reservation
TCF Telecom Feed
WO1 Work Order Billing
WTF Watts Copy Feed