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Types, Definitions, Accountants Responsible

Banner Finance is the official accounting system used by Eastern Illinois University. The university receives funding from various sources, most of which is specified for certain types of expenditures. To enable the financial manager of these funds to monitor and report on the activity of the funds, the accounting system must maintain separate records of each source of funds, and the expenditures from each source.

An organization is defined as a functional unit established for a specific purpose, with one individual (financial manager) having primary responsibility for its activity. A financial manager may have responsibility for one or more funds or organizations. The table shows the fund/organization types, funding source and accountants responsible for any questions regarding the specific organizations.

Organization NumberOrganization TypeDefinition/Funding SourceAccountant ResponsiblePhone/E-mail
1xxxxx Appropriated State tax revenues/tuition to be spent within the fiscal year. Joni Lutz 217-581-8327, jlutz@eiu.edu
2xxxxx Designated Funds (Local) Funds generated by the department (i.e., ticket sales, memberships, student fees). Joyce Schumacher 217-581-7737, jmschumacher@eiu.edu
3xxxxx Revenue Bond Bond and business-type activity. Mike Hutchinson 217-581-7753, mwhutchinson@eiu.edu
5xxxxx College Work Study Federal government. Financial Aid 217-581-7510
Grants Various granting agencies. Lauren Clapp 217-581-7752, lnclapp@eiu.edu
Gifts Various donors. Joyce Schumacher 217-581-7737, jmschumacher@eiu.edu
6xxxxx Foundation/Alumni Association University-related organization activity. Sara Harwood 217-581-7829, saharwood@eiu.edu
7xxxxx Income Fund Reserves Equipment replacement. Mike Hutchinson 217-581-7753, mwhutchinson@eiu.edu
Plant Reserve Equipment replacement. Joyce Schumacher 217-581-7737, jmschumacher@eiu.edu
Bond Reserve Repair, replacement and construction reserves (for bonds only). Mike Hutchinson 217-581-7753, mwhutchinson@eiu.edu
831100 Agency Clubs, Greek organizations, etc. Must have a university sponsor. Joyce Schumacher 217-581-7737, jmschumacher@eiu.edu