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Junior Achievement is a program designed for students ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  It is a kid tested, kid approved free enterprise curriculum taught by community business leaders.  Junior Achievement programs introduce students to economic concepts and workplace skills.  Teaching students about business and economics is accomplished through the help of volunteers who serve as role models.  Classes use fun, hands-on activities that reinforce skills and knowledge in social studies, reading, writing and math. Teamwork is encouraged, and development of workplace skills is a priority.

For more information on the Junior Achievement program, visit their website at www.ja.org.


Junior Achievement - It's My Business Lesson Plan Examples

Host Classroom Instructions

Lesson Plan #1

Lesson Plan #2

Lesson Plan #3 - Marketing Commercial - That Can't Be Real

Lesson Plan #4 - I Have an Idea - Auction

Lesson Plan #5 - I See a Need - Non-Profit Business Pitch Competition

Lesson Plan #6 - Making Your Dreams Come True