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Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Resources and Prevention

Support Services

Help is available and recovery is possible. Talking with someone aids your recovery.  Free and confidential services are available at the EIU Counseling Clinic. Call 217-581-3413 to speak with someone and/or to schedule an appointment.  Lindsay Wilson, staff counselor and confidential advisor at the EIU Counseling Clinic, would be a good person to ask to speak with when you call.

The Sexual Assault Prevention Specialist at the Counseling Clinic may provide the following:

  • Ongoing source of support and advocacy for survivors.
  • Information on available university and community resources.
  • Review reporting options and accompany survivor to file either a police or university report – if the survivor chooses to do so.
  • Accompany survivors to needed appointments or meetings.
  • Assist in exploring options for a change in residence.
  • Assist in arranging for contact with course instructors and advocating for accommodations needed to maintain academic progress.


Talking with someone at the Counseling Clinic does not mean that a police report has been filed. Filing a report is separate from accessing needed support and recovery services.


Many survivors of sexual assault feel that they are somehow to blame for what happened to them. Remember that no matter what you did or did not do, you are not responsible for the actions of another person.  Seeking support will assist in your long term healing from the trauma.  If the alleged perpetrator is also a student, the Counseling Clinic may provide supportive services as well.  This is on a case by case basis.  Counseling Staff ensure that confidentiality is maintained and a safe, supportive environment is available to all students who engage in services at the Clinic. 

See the Resource Section for other options for supportive services.



The EIU Counseling Clinic provides confidential services. If you have questions about confidentiality, or its limits, a counselor may speak with you to answer your questions.

EIU is committed to supporting your well-being and safety and to taking steps to ensure the safety of our campus community. EIU has established procedures for addressing incidents of sexual misconduct/assault and relationship violence.  The survivor, however, determines his/her level of participation in this process. 



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