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Interpersonal Violence Resources and Prevention

Cost of Medical Services

If a police report is filed, there should be no cost to you for services you receive at the emergency room.  Even if there is not a police report filed, the cost of medical treatment may be covered 100% by the students health insurance policies. 

For financial charges at the hospital emergency room, the hospital will bill your insurance plan(s).  Students may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from their insurance company.  If they do not want it sent to their home, they can specify that it be sent to another address or they can request that no correspondence be sent.  Students would need to call their insurance company(s) to request this after being seen at the emergency room.  After the hospital bills have been processed by any/all of a student's insurance plans, the remaining balance can be forwarded to a fund that has been set up for survivors of sexual assault. 

The state has established several programs to provide financial assistance to survivors of sexual assault.  The Sexual Assault Survivor’s Emergency Treatment Act can cover emergency room costs.  The hospital will bill this fund for you. This fund is available through the Illinois Department of Public Aid.  Funds available through the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Emergency Treatment Act can only be applied to expenses incurred at a hospital emergency room.

Students may receive correspondence from the hospital including statements about their insurance being billed.  Students can request that this correspondence be sent to their local Charleston residence rather than their home address.  Any student can contact the EIU Student Insurance Office for assistance with questions about medical expenses and insurance.  Conversations with the EIU Student Insurance Office are covered by HIPAA, which means that they are confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone on or off campus without the student's written permission.  Students may reach the EIU Student Insurance Office by calling 217-581-5290.  Angie Campbell, the Medical Insurance Manager at the EIU Student Insurance Office, is available to consult one-on-one with student survivors, and students may reach her at 217-581-5299.

The Illinois Crime Victims Compensation Act administered through the Attorney General’s Office can reimburse survivors of violent crimes for a variety of expenses.  Some of these expenses include medical expenses, loss of earnings and psychological counseling.  To be eligible for this funding, an individual must be identified as a crime victim and a police report must be filed within 72 hours of the assault. These funds are available only if the case is prosecuted.

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