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Spring 2022 Course Offerings




WLC 1102 Beginning Chinese II (4 credits) 

Take the second semester of Mandarin Chinese and continue studying an important language--the language of the second largest trading partner of the US. This course will continue introducing students to the sounds and writing system of Mandarin Chinese, as well as basic components of its grammar. You'll also get to learn about Chinese culture! Fulfill your language requirement by taking WLC 1102. 


WLF 1102 Beginning French II (4 credits) 

In this highly interactive course, you will continue building your basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in French. We will build on grammatical concepts introduced in WLF 1101 and develop your vocabulary. Topics of francophone culture that we discuss will include art and sports, as well as an overview of major francophone cities. Join French 1102 to fulfill your Foreign Language Graduation Requirement! 

WLF 2202G Intermediate French II (4 credits) 

If you have a strong background in French from high school (3-4 years), or if you have taken three semesters of French in college, join us in French 2202G! With an emphasis on active communication in culturally appropriate contexts, this course will give you the opportunity to hone your grammatical knowledge and expand your vocabulary while you explore topics of contemporary francophone culture such as fashion, media services and annual festivals. 

WLF 4760 French Drama (3 credits) 

The most enduring works of seventeenth-century French Drama pushed the boundaries of what was socially acceptable and politically safe. Playwrights such as Molière and Corneille provoked scandals by experimenting with form and content. In this class, we will examine what life was like for those hoping to have their work performed at the Sun King’s court at Versailles. Then, we will discover how these daring playwrights used their platform to advocate for change at a time when the “best” artists followed the rules. 


WLG 1102 Beginning German II (4 credits) 

Did you know German is the most widely spoken language in the EU (percentage of the total number of speakers)? Have you had a year of German in high school or a semester in college? Then German 1102 is for you. It will also complete your Foreign Language graduation requirement. You will acquire more basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and learn much about the culture of modern-day Germany. Of course, you will learn how to pronounce more of those long German words too (Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung; Oktoberfestvergnügen)...Never taken German before? Our first-semester course WLG 1101 is offered every fall semester. 

WLG 2202G Intermediate German II (4 credits) 

Have you had 3 or 4 years of German in high school or 3 semesters in college? This Intermediate German class is for you. It can also be used towards your Gen Ed Humanities requirement. You will review basic German grammar and vocabulary, and enhance your speaking and writing skills while learning more about the globalized society in modern Germany. Short readings (stories), music and films will be part of this course. 

WLG 3315 German Lyrics and Ballads (3 credits) 

Did you have 4 or more years of German in high school, or 4 semesters in college? 

Are you interested in poetry and/or musical expressions of it? In this course we will examine German language and culture through popular lyrics and ballads known to and loved by many Germans. While discussing topics, themes and forms, you will practice and expand your German language skills. Our journey will take us through different literary periods, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, through Classical and Romantic periods, to early 20th century Expressionism and beyond. We will touch upon a wide range of musical genres, from Middle High German love songs to the Schlager and Neue Deutsche Welle genre of the 20th century. 


WLS 1101 Beginning Spanish I (4 credits) 

Interested in Spanish? Do you want to learn how to speak the second most spoken language in America? You will enjoy acquiring basic language skills and learning about the amazing and eclectic culture of the Spanish-speaking world. After Spanish 1101, continue taking Spanish and complete the language requirement for graduation. 

ONLINE WLS 1101 Beginning Spanish I (4 credits) 

Do you require a flexible schedule? WLS 1101 online may be for you! We will learn the same speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills as in the face-to-face 1101 course, but you can study and complete assignments at times that work best for you. 

WLS 1102 Beginning Spanish II (4 credits) 

Have you taken some Spanish in high school? Do you need to fulfill the language requirement for graduation? Take WLS 1102! You will expand your vocabulary and practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish. You will also continue to learn about the Spanish-speaking cultures and develop your intercultural knowledge and understanding. After WLS 1102, practice and enhance your Spanish by taking Intermediate Spanish I (WLS 2201G) in the fall. 

ONLINE WLS 1102 Beginning Spanish II (4 credits) 

Do you need to fulfill your foreign language requirement but require a flexible schedule? WLS 1102 online may be for you! We will learn the same speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills as in the 1102 face-to-face course, but you can study and complete assignments at times that work best for you. 

ONLINE WLS 1112 Spanish for the Health Professions (4 credits) 

Open to students from all programs. May be used to meet the second semester of the FLG Graduation Requirement. Have you taken a year of high school Spanish or one semester in college? This course is a second-semester language course designed for students interested in or preparing to enter the health professions or related fields. The course covers basic grammar, and its vocabulary is focused on the human body, its functions and problems. You’ll practice with dialogues, interviews and stories, while also gaining cross-cultural understanding. Note: If you have taken a regular WLS 1102 course and received credit, no additional credit can be given for WLS 1112. 

WLS 2201G Intermediate Spanish I (4 credits) 

Have you taken 2 or 3 years of Spanish in high school (or 2 semesters in college)? Are you looking for a great class to use towards your Gen Ed Humanities requirement? Also, this class may be perfect for students who received the "Illinois Seal of Biliteracy" and want to continue their language study (ask us for placement advice). You will review grammar points, practice your Spanish in conversation and composition, and broaden your understanding of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Also as Honors section available. WLS 2291G Intermediate Spanish I Honors (4 credits). 

WLS 2202G Intermediate Spanish II (4 credits) 

Have you taken 3 or 4 years of Spanish in high school (or 3 semesters in college)? Are you looking for a great class to use towards your Gen Ed Humanities requirement? This class could also be perfect if you are a "Seal" student (received the "Illinois Seal of Biliteracy") and want to continue your language study (ask us for placement advice). You will review grammar points, practice your Spanish in conversation and composition, and broaden your understanding of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Also as Honors section available. WLS 2292G Intermediate Spanish II Honors (4 credits). 

WLS 3000 Spanish Grammar in Context (4 credits) 

Explore Latin American and Spanish culture while fine-tuning your grammar skills. Pedagogy experts agree that task-based activities that teach actual content result in the greatest improvements in proficiency. You will see progress in your speaking and writing skills as well as in your cultural competency. This course serves as solid preparation for advanced literature and culture courses, and is the pre-requisite to all other upper-division classes except for WLS 3050 Advanced Conversation. Pre-requisite: WLS 2202G or 2292G, or equivalent. 

WLS 3050 Spanish Pronunciation and Conversation (4 credits) 

Have you had 4 or more years in high school (or 4 semesters in college)? In this course, you will develop your conversational skills and pronunciation. You will learn to express your opinion on a variety of intriguing and current topics! Note: We recommend taking WLS 3000 first (see above). However, if WLS 3000 doesn't work with your class schedule, take WLS 3050 first (and the following semester WLS 3000). 

WLS 3520 Introduction to Modern Spanish American Literature (3 credits) 

This course focuses on the late 19th and 20th Century Latin American poetry, narrative, theatre, and essay. Students will examine a wide range of authors across the two centuries. The discussions in class will include both primary textbooks as well as photocopies provided by the professor. Other materials that will be included are videos, movies, and web pages. Class meetings will consist mainly of class and group discussions based on readings, and Internet searches made by the students. Class will be conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: WLS 3000. 

WLS 4310 Civilization and Culture of Spain (3 credits) 

Enroll in this course to take the most advantage of your next visit to Spain, or just to enhance your appreciation of the role Spain has played in Western civilization. Explore engaging primary documents from Spain's long history, including artwork, literature, architecture, and other historical texts. Learn to relate the cultural products of Spain today with the practices and perspectives developed over thousands of years of history on the Iberian peninsula. This course goes way beyond food and festivals... indulge your passion for "lo español" to the fullest! Prerequisite: WLS 3000. 

*WLE 3025 Women in the Hispanic World (3 credits) 

This course explores the contributions of Hispanic women to literature, the visual arts, music, entertainment and politics in the Spanish-speaking world from the colonial period to the present. You will read original work by women, as well as critical essays written about them. You will also be introduced to scholarship on gender, race, class and national identity. *Taught entirely in English—No knowledge of Spanish required. Counts toward completing the WLE requirement for Spanish majors. May also be applied to the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor and the Latin American & Latinx Studies Minor. 


NEW COURSE! WLA/CDS 1101 American Sign Language I (3 credits) 

Introduction to foundational skills in visual communication using American Sign Language (ASL). Students will develop accuracy and fluency with receptive and expressive signing skills. Emphasis is placed on learning ASL vocabulary and grammar in context, including introductions, exchanging personal information, and discussing daily situations. Deaf Culture is embedded in lessons, including key historical events and characteristics of culturally appropriate interaction styles. 


WLS/F/G 3401 (3 credits, for teacher licensure students) 


WLS/F/G 3501: Languages for Young Learners (1-3 credits, for non-teacher licensure students) 

Share your language with elementary school students in our after-school enrichment program, and earn credits. You don’t have to be a teacher licensure student to take this course. Have you studied a language for at least 4 semesters (equivalent of 2202G)? Are you maybe a language minor? This class may be perfect for you. Apply your language skills (choose Spanish or French or German) and teach first- through fourth-grade students in a 6-week after-school enrichment program. The program is directed and supervised by department faculty. Limited to 4 spots in the spring semester. Our host school in spring is in Hume, Illinois (45 minutes north of Charleston; you will carpool). R 2:00-5:00 (6 weeks, plus weekly preparatory meetings, TBA). 

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