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A Double Major May Be Easier Than You Think

Did you know?

  • Employers love to hire double majors with degrees in liberal arts and business, engineering, marketing, and sciences. A double major says: You have developed the soft skills such as communication skills, which makes for a winning combination in today's job market.
  • Upgrading a Language Minor to a Major is easier than you think. Tip for success: As a freshman, keep a language class on your schedule. Whether you studied a language for 2 years or 4  years in high school, protect your investment right from the start.


What does it take to double major?

FLS/F/G 2201G Intermediate Spanish/French/German I

FLS/F/G  2202G Intermediate Spanish/French/German II

With 4 or more years of high school study, you could start at the 3000-level.


Difference between Minor and Major in a Foreign Language...

Minor:  12 credits (electives) on 3000/4000 level

See Minor requirements.

Major: 21 credits (electives) on 3000/4000 level

3 FLE courses. These can be courses with an international or multicultural component taken in your other major/other departments. 

2 semesters (1101 and 1102) of another language

See Major requirements


Study Abroad...

Earn credits abroad and jump ahead!  Short term or a semester.


Spring Break in Guatemala:     2 Spanish credits (faculty-led program).

4 weeks Costa Rica:                6 Spanish credits (faculty-led and customized).

One semester abroad:            15-20 credits. Check out our partner schools in France, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. 



Dominika Charczuk (Psychology; BA in Foreign Languages, Spanish)

Dominika CharczukI am a Senior with a Psychology major and have declared Spanish as my second major. I would like to go to graduate school for Industrial Organizational Psychology. Deciding to major in Foreign Languages is one of the best decisions I have made because it opens doors to so many opportunities. Today, people that are able to speak more than one language are more likely to get hired for jobs they desire.

Like many people, I started college not knowing what I wanted to do in life. I took Spanish classes in high school because it was a requirement to graduate. After I graduated, I didn’t want all those long hours of memorizing conjugations and trying to understand the subjunctive to go to waste. I decided to continue studying Spanish in college.

Sophomore year I decided to go on a faculty-led study abroad trip to Italy. I grew extremely curious about all the different cultures that were so much different than mine. I was able to observe different styles of living and dressing and I realized I wanted more of this cultural immersion. Right there I made up my mind that I would like to visit and learn about as many countries as possible.

My original plan was to graduate a semester early but because I loved every minute of my summer study abroad in Italy, I decided to go again. In Spring 2017 I will study in Barcelona, Spain. As I was planning my study abroad, I also decided to change my Spanish minor to a Foreign Language major with a concentration in Spanish. After the semester in Barcelona, I will have my major completed.

After finishing graduate school I would like to utilize my experience from studying abroad and learning about different cultures and work for an international company. This way, I would be able to combine my love for traveling and interest in other cultures with being an IO Psychologist.

Looking back, I didn’t think I would be this grateful for sticking with something that I had no idea would pay off at the end. Now, that I am preparing to go to Barcelona I am grateful for all the opportunities to do what I am passionate about.

As of now, I can speak three languages and after I come back from Barcelona I would like to learn at least one more in order to be able to communicate with a wider range of population. Because I am fascinated with how different cultures mold individuals to become who they are, I think it would be amazing to be able to also communicate with people in their own language. Besides that, traveling is way easier when you know more than one language.


Steven Kutz (Political Science; BA in Foreign Languages, German)

kutz HamburgUpon graduation from EIU, Steven was commissioned as an Army officer. In this capacity, Steven used German to organize multinational medical and desert warfare training with German and French allies, while deployed to Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. Steven achieved proficiency certification (B2) through both the Goethe Institute and the U.S. Army. German continues to create unique opportunities and experiences for him, both personally and professionally.

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