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KSR Graduate Student Research Fair (2017)


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The 2017 KSR Graduate Research Fair was a huge success. Graduate Students from KSR 5000 presented their research studies in the Union Grand Ballroom. Below are the students' names and their study titles:

Aristidis Adrahtas: Effect Among Family Structure, Socio-Economic Status, and Injury in High School Athletes

Casey Akenberger: Acute Chronic Workload Ratios and Injury Risk in Collegiate Volleyball Players

Nicole Anderson: The Effects of 4-weeks Push-up Variations Training on Upper Body Strength and Endurance in Female Collegiate Soccer Players

Alexandra Antkiewicz: Graft Type Success Rates with ACL Reconstruction in High School and Collegiate Athletes

Mayuri Ardak: The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Symptoms in University Employees

Megan Ash: Division I Athletes' Knowledge and Perceptions of a Certified Athletic Trainer's Roles and Responsibilities

Bethany Bedell: The Effects of Dynamic and Static Stretching On Hip and Low Back Flexibility

Micaela Bell: The Relationship between Academic Performance and Athletic Success in Division I Softball

Addison Bounds: The Perceived Effects of Concussions on the Academic Performance of Division I Male Football Athletes

Alexander Cain: State of EIU Athletic Facilities

Alex Carie: Attitudes and Motivations of Students for Attending Athletic Events at a Division I University

Morgan Carvalho: Ethnicity Demographics of Student Recreation Center Participants at Eastern Illinois University

Joshua Casillas: Effects of Short-Term Foam Rolling Compared to Static Stretching on Lower Body Flexibility

Shane Caudill: Effects of Sleep on Perceived Performance

Jeffrey M. Cialkowski: The Acute Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Vertical Jump Height in Collegiate Club Volleyball Players

Megan Cotter: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Traditional Sport Knowledge: An Examination of Kinesiology and Sport Studies Students from the United Kingdom (UK) and Their Knowledge of American Football and Students from the United States and Their Knowledge of UK Rugby

Michaela L. Crabtree: The Effects of Bilateral Versus Unilateral Training Programs on Vertical Jump Among College Students

Eric Crist: The Correlation Between Division I Athletics Success and University Success

Holly N. Deckelman: The Relationship Between Physical Activity Levels and Grades in College Students

Michaela E. DeSantis: NCAA Division I Coaches Perceptions of Female Athletic Trainers

Kevin Dickson: The Effect of Active Recovery on the Performance of Competitive Swimmers with Short Rest Intervals Between Competitive Events

Ann Duncan: The Effects of Social Media Usage on the Academic Performance of Student-Athletes

Clayton Edwards: Alcohol Sales: Another Revenue Stream for College Football?

Trevor Hallett: Taping Techniques and the Perception of Ankle Stability in Collegiate Club Volleyball Players

Daniel Hildebrand: The Effects of Athletic Involvement on the Attitudes and Behaviors of Student-Athletes at a Division-I University

Brandon Howrey: The Effects of a 1-Week Flexibility Program on Muscle Soreness in Physically Active College Students

Bailey Huebner: Effects of Resistance Training on HbA1C Levels in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis

Jessica Johnson: Acute Effects of Myofascial Release on Shoulder and Lower Back Flexibility and Ratings of Perceived Pain

Alexander Kemp: The Effects of Ego Depletion on Sprint Start Reaction Time in High School Boys and Girls

Tanner P. Krumwiede: Relationship Between Calf Girth and Vertical Jump Height Among High School Football Players

Jordan Leslie: The Factors Affecting Intramural Sports Participation Among College Students

Bethany McGinness: The Relationship Between Academic Services and Academic Performance of Division I Football Athletes

Amber K. Miller: The Relationship Between Collegiate Basketball Players and Parental Behavior at Sporting Events

Rayna Murphy: Perceived Mentality Differences Between Collegiate Women's Tennis Players and Nonathletic Collegiate Students

Christopher Neate: The Informational Cues that Influence both Males and Females Initial Impressions of Fitness Professionals

Paul Noble: How Subordination and Discrimination Affects Female Participation and Treatment Within Multi Gendered Competitive Games/Practices Within British & American University Club Sports Teams

Luke Norman: Fan Beliefs on College Football Players Protesting During the National Anthem

Dipen Patel: The Relationship Between Area Served and Graded Returned Attack Among Division I Volleyball Competitions

Vidhi Patel: Effects of Balance Training on Stability and Lower Extremity Strength in Older Adults

Ashlynne R. Paul: Strength Training: Multi-Joint vs. Multi-Joint and Single-Joint Exercises in Trained College Females

Ryan A. Pearce: Strength Difference Among Division I Athletes in Various Sports

Alexandra Pickens: Burnout in Sport and the Effects it has on Student Athletes

Gabriel Puga: Physique Profile of NCAA Division I Male Soccer Players

Tracy L. Raggio: Effects of Verbal Motivational Cues Intervention on the Six-Minute Walking Test Performance in College Students

Karina Robles: Influence of Past Sports Involvement on Body Composition in College Female Students

Kyle Scharwarth: The Effects of Music on Maximal Chest Press Performance

Clinton K. Schlosser: The Effects of Sport Participation on Academic Performance in High School Students

Elizabeth Smith: Effects of a 4-Week Deadlift Program on Grip Strength in College Female Students

Derek J. Stein: The Effect of Reflexive Performance Reset on Vertical Jump Power

Angelena Tornabene: The Relationship Between Body Composition and Resting Blood Pressure in NCAA Division I Collegiate Football Athletes

Andrew Webster: The Effects of Submaximal Deadlifts on the Forty Yard Dash

Andrew West: Factors Affecting Student Usage of the Campus Recreation Center

The following videos are graduate students who gave oral presentations at the research fair

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